Payment Services

Nexus Payment Services greatly reduces the time, cost and risk associated with traditional disbursement processes. Designed to work with existing banking relationships, Nexus Payment Services allows organizations to pay vendors via check, Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Virtual Credit Card from their general ledger or accounting system using a single file as part of a normal check run.Nexus Payment Services does not require you to change banking relationships or create redundant bank accounts and pay higher bank fees. Additionally, all payment information integrates back into your NexusPayables so users can easily access real-time payment statuses.LET’S TALK ABOUT NEW FOUND REVENUEFor all your vendors who bill under $5,000 annually, 20-30% of them will likely accept a Virtual Credit Card payment (a single use credit card number) because they do not like exposing their bank information. Your vendor pays the 3% fee and you get 30% to 50% of the fee back as a rebate. There is no cap, no limits and no nonsense. You become a revenue center and get invited to the big meetings.NEXUS PAYMENT SERVICES¬†
  • Lower cost and faster processing via outsourced check printing, ACH and Virtual Credit Card payments
  • Bank neutral
  • Easy implementation – works with your current payment file format
  • New found revenue stream through Virtual Credit Card rebates
  • Check to ACH and Virtual Credit Card Enrollment Service Team
  • Critical Virtual Credit Card features including:
  • 100-150 basis points on rebates
  • No cap on rebates
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Best practice vendor opt-in approach