Ability to Pay Invoices Faster with NexusPayables

Accounting and accounts payable professionals are challenged with finding more cost-effective ways of paying invoices to terms to reduce late payments and maintain strong supplier relationships. NexusPayables provides accounting and accounts payable professionals with powerful, easy-to-use tools for managing purchase orders and receiving, validating, approving and paying invoices. NexusPayables replaces the traditional process of stamping and hand-coding invoices with a highly efficient, paperless platform that requires fewer manual tasks and accelerates cycle times.


“My management people love it! They like the tracking. They like to be able to see who’s approved it. They like the speed and efficiency of it as well… Nexus is a really great asset to the company.”Amy Crosby, Accounting Manager, Commerce Real Estate Solution

Here’s how NexusPayables benefits accounting and accounts payable professionals:

Faster invoice cycle times
  • Automated capture of purchase order and invoice data
  • Configurable approval and exceptions workflows
  • Approval of invoices from any location, including mobile device
  • Real-time purchase order and invoice tracking
  • Tools and reports to identify bottlenecks and tracking user performance and errors
Streamlined research and reporting
  • Comprehensive history log
  • Instant access to electronic invoices and data
  • Automated real-time budget forecast reports
  • Instantly generated bulk PDF reports of supporting documentation
  • Seamless integration with legacy general ledger, accounting and ERP systems