NexusPayables Greatly Improves Corporate Controls

Today’s challenging business environment requires organizations to optimize corporate working capital, while ensuring tracking and control of accounts payable and payments processes. NexusPayables provides controllers with powerful, yet intuitive tools for cash flow analysis, liquidity management and accounts payable oversight.


“They like the process. They like the accountability. They like the big-brother aspect knowing where everything is at any point in time. You can always look and see where bottlenecks are, what things flow through easily, and keep an eye on things that need to be paid quickly.”Charles Codacovi, Vice President/Controller, Moore & Associates

Here’s how NexusPayables benefits controllers:

Greater Accountability
  • Online catalogs
  • Purchase order-based invoicing
  • Vendor compliance tools
  • Real-time purchase order and invoice tracking
  • Electronic storage of documents and data
Streamlined Reporting and Auditing
  • Instant access to electronic invoices and data from any location, including mobile devices
  • Significantly faster closing processes
  • Detailed search, reporting and approval logs
  • Instantly generated bulk PDF reports of supporting documentation
  • Seamless integration with legacy general ledger, accounting and ERP systems
Working Capital Benefits
  • More early-payment discount opportunities and fewer late payments
  • Comparisons of budgeted versus actual expenses
  • P-card rebates