NexusPayables Greatly Improves Operational Efficiency

Financial operations professionals are stretched thin. They can’t afford to be stuck administering systems after deployment. NexusPayables is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage web-based platform that frees financial operations professionals to focus on strategic initiatives such as spending more time with customers, rather than on day-to-day administrative functions.


“We’ve been using [Nexus] for three years, and our volume of AP has increased, but yet we haven’t really had to hire more accounts payable people. So, there’s been a lot of money savings in that.”Chris MacKinnon, Senior Director, Operations Controller, DuPont Fabros Technology

Here’s how NexusPayables benefits operations professionals:

Faster invoice cycle times
  • Automated purchase order generation
  • Capture of invoice data
  • Electronic storage of documents and data
  • Configurable approval and exceptions workflows
  • Approval of invoices from any location, including mobile device
  • Real-time purchase order and invoice tracking
  • Tools for identifying bottlenecks and tracking operator performance and errors
Streamlined research and reporting
  • Comprehensive history log and audit trails
  • Instant access to electronic invoices and data
  • Automated real-time budget forecast reports
  • Instantly generated bulk PDF reports of supporting documentation
  • Seamless integration with legacy general ledger, accounting and ERP systems
Competitive advantage
  • Fast training of new employees
  • Differentiator in competitive bids