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Automated Accounts Payable Software
Accounts Payable Workflow Software

Gain Full Control

Nexus gives you full control over your accounts payable with streamlined PO and invoice processing, approval workflows and electronic payments.

Move the Needle with Nexus

Go beyond automating invoices and payments. We make it easier to create, maintain, and fortify the relationships at the heart of your Real Estate business. Because when people connect, technology works.

Interact with Your Customers, Don’t Just Transact

It may be called Business-to-Business, but Nexus knows your relationships with your customers are personal. We’ve built an ecosystem that enables you to bolster these connections, achieve and maintain preferred supplier status, and engage with buyers in a more impactful way. 

From Purchase to Payment

Nexus is the definitive AP automation solution for your Real Estate business. Introduce efficiencies and controls from ordering to invoice processing to paying your suppliers, and give your team full visibility into the entire life-cycle of the interactions impacting your operations.