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Automate your invoices and vendor payments fast and you can bring your licensing fees to $0. Restrictions apply.

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Vendor Payments

Improve efficiency overnight. Instead of cutting paper checks, we’ll pay suppliers on your behalf, with Nexus Virtual Card, ACH, or outsourced check. Both you and your suppliers can track payment status through a secure portal. Nexus Payments.

Invoice Automation

Shave hours off your day opening envelopes, scanning invoices, entering data, and securing approvals. Use NexusOne for invoice automation. Should your needs change, you can even upgrade to our full Procure-to-Pay solution.

Centralized Procurement

No need to browse online catalogs and then send around paper POs for approval. Do it all electronically in the Nexus Procure-to-pay platform – making purchasing fast, efficient, and compliant.

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Get a Complete Audit Trail

No more getting mired in paperwork – opening invoices, chasing approvals, and cutting checks. You can do everything online with Nexus.

Your suppliers will even have their own portal to track and manage invoices & payments.

Plus, you’ll have an electronic record showing who took any action, on what date, and all other related details.

When you use Nexus Vendor Payments, just log in to NexusConnect to track all your transactions.

Reduce Late Fees and Shave Time Off Your Day

By digitizing your vendor payments and AP, you can stay on top of everything that needs to be paid and spend
a fraction of the time completing your AP to-do list.

Pay Vendors More Securely

Let us pay your vendors with Nexus Virtual Card, a highly secure payment method delivered electronically. We’ll identify all your vendors who already accept Nexus Virtual Card. Then, we’ll contact the remainder and encourage them to accept card as well.

We’ll get you up and running with electronic vendor payments quickly. And, both you and your suppliers will have an easy way to track them.

Nexus, the leading vendor payments company for real estate, pays your vendors with a virtual card.

Time & Cost Savings Over Paper AP Processes

Real estate companies realize substantial time and cost savings when they automate their payments, invoice processing, and procurement with Nexus. Read more.

Invoice Savings

Payments Savings

Administrative Savings

Procurement Savings


Less time on invoice capture


Less time on invoice reviews
& approvals


Less time on payment processing


Reduction in cost of processing payments


Less time on reporting


Less time communicating with suppliers


Less time on

Loved by Buyers and Suppliers

Whether it’s Vendor Payments, AP Automation, or Procure-to-Pay, everyone loves Nexus.

“Easy Payment Processing”

I am tasked with entering lots of reimbursement information, and Nexus makes it easy to show the Finance team where the money was spent, and who spent it.

Rosa R., Executive Coordinator
Rating 5/5

Completely eliminated the “paper shuffle”

The workflow-based routing on invoices enables us to easily and quickly distribute invoices to the appropriate coders and approvers regardless of their physical location and has completely eliminated the “paper shuffle” and given us 100% accountability for invoices from the date of receipt to the date of payment.

Diane Caton, EVP, Management Services Corporation
Rating 5/5

Saves us time and routes invoices for approvals

Nexus is a great paperless AP software program, which saves us time and routes invoices for approvals. The ability to search an invoice by vendor, job, account, amount, as well as other criteria is great and saves so much more time than looking for an invoice in a filing drawer. Customized workflows allows for different invoices to be routed to the proper approver, whether by entity, job, amount or other criteria.

Greg Beckman, Sr. Vice President/Controller, Moore and Associates
Rating 4/5

Nexus vendor payments integrates with the top property management systems built for real estate

Works With Your Property Management System

Nexus seamlessly integrates with the most common real estate property management systems. So you can keep your system(s) of record and pull/push data automatically.

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