We take the security of our applications very seriously and regularly enhance systems, controls, and processes to further protect your data. Here are advancements we’ve made in 2019.

Encryption – Data at Rest

Disk Encryption

Nexus has encrypted all data at rest. As we develop our products, we also continue to enhance and improve the protections we provide for data at rest. We also provide enhanced protection for key Personally Identifiable Information.

Encryption – Data Access

Audit Logging

Nexus has released new reporting functionality that allows you to view all changes made to:

  • User Permissions
  • User Group Responsibilities
  • System Set-up Settings
  • Workflows

The Audit Logging report logs the date and time of the change, user making the change and any updates, as well as additions or deletions that took place. The audit logs are available through the UI as a CSV file download and users can pull up to 15 months of log data at once.

Back-end server activity logging

Nexus has improved security event logging to align with key security frameworks and standards, including: SOC 1, PCI, GDPR, and other country and state specific privacy laws and regulations.

Intrusion Prevention

Vulnerability scanning

Nexus has deployed vulnerability scanning tools and developed a vulnerability scanning procedure to track, manage, and mitigate vulnerabilities in all our applications and the systems on which they reside. We have a pro-active patch and upgrade procedure in place that ensures our operating systems, key technologies used (e.g. PHP), and our own software is upgraded on a frequent basis.

Anti-phishing systems

Nexus has deployed and implemented key Anti-Phishing technologies to include awareness and training, blocking of malicious emails, and reporting of Phishing attempts. We undergo quarterly phishing tests of all employees and implement regular training.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Nexus supports MFA for NexusPayables for any client that brings a SAML2.0 Identify Provider. In addition, we have implemented MFA for all our employees when accessing key corporate resources, reducing the risk of Phishing and other attempts to gain access to our network.