6 Reasons to Attend the 2023 Nexus User Conference

September 9, 2022

4 min read

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The 2023 Nexus User Conference (NUC) is on the books for February 14-16, and all customers who use the Nexus platform are invited! We’ll be hosting this unforgettable event at the beautiful Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL. Not only will you get your feet in the sand, but these six other benefits, too.

1. Dynamic Discussions & Tactical Advice You Can Actually Use

The 2023 Nexus User Conference will offer 3 days of training and educational sessions headed up by subject matter experts, who spend all day implementing, supporting, and building Nexus products. These “Nexperts” will be sharing novel ways to use existing features, highlighting new functionality, and sharing their insider know-how on using Nexus products. You’ll walk away with actionable tips you can implement quickly to shave even more time off your AP processes.

There’s plenty of time outside the sessions to engage with these Nexus employees, too. So, bring all your questions on Nexus AP automation software and the topics that matter most to you.

“The sessions were informative and helpful. The networking and getting to speak with other users, product team members and support members is very useful.”

Greg Beckman, Moore & Associates, Inc.

2. Networking Like No Other

“I was at a table with other AP managers. It is very interesting to hear how other companies use Nexus and to be able to ask them questions.”

Tricia Penkala, InvenTrust Property Management

NUC 2023 will also provide you with myriad opportunities to sync up with your peers to share ideas, knowledge, concerns, and successes. And this can leave you feeling more invigorated, inspired, and equipped to address challenges.

You can plan for engaging with peers at the designated Best Practice session, where you’ll be paired up with users who have the same GL package and similar job function as yourself. You’ll be given a set of thought-provoking questions and will be able to discuss, collaborate, and brainstorm from there. This is always one of the most highly rated conference sessions, so you won’t want to miss it.

3. Insight into Nexus’s Latest & Upcoming Technology Innovations

We want you to be in-the-know about what we’re building and what you can expect from our products in the future. This helps ensure you have a positive user experience with our software. So, we’ve built in time to share highlights from our Product Roadmap at the 2023 Nexus User Conference.

You’ll have the forum to ask questions and get prepared (and excited!) for forthcoming functionality and updates.

4. Game-changing Strategies, Ideas, and Intel

Nexus has a wide range of industry partners, whose software and services can complement your Nexus platform. You can meet with many of them at the NUC to see if their solutions might address any of your business needs. Should you add to your company’s tech stack as a result of one of these meetings, no worries. Nexus can grow and evolve with you as your business does.

5. Inspiring Speakers

As an Aquanaut, documentary filmmaker, co-founder and chairman of PROTEUS, and grandson of the legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau works to protect and preserve marine life. As the NUC 2023 keynote speaker, Fabien will tell captivating tales of his underwater adventures and his work with his foundation while inspiring and empowering you to create a sustainable future.

Plus, hear from Nexus leadership about the exciting things that have been happening with the company, and what’s on the horizon.

6. Tons of Fun, Stunning Views, and Great Prizes

“Nexus knows how to throw a party! So much fun.”

-Yvette Callahan, American Campus Communities

Our Hammock Beach venue in Palm Coast, Florida will be the perfect setting for tons of fun. From the welcome reception to the final farewell, you can count on lots of it. We don’t want to spoil all the surprises now, but let’s just say you should save some space in your luggage. There’s a yet-to-be-announced theme for the Wednesday Night party, and you’re going to want to dress the part.

In addition to all the excitement, you’re not going to want to miss these views:

Plenty awaits you at the 2023 Nexus User Conference – whether you’re new to Nexus or a long-time user, past attendee or first-timer. We can’t wait to see you and help expand your mastery of the Nexus platform.