Despite the promise of full automation, most accounts payable departments are overrun with paper invoices and payables documents, and still employ manual and semi-automated processes for managing them. 

Accounts payable departments cite several factors for their manual and semi-automated processes, including a lack of IT resources, small capital budgets, a lack of resources to manage a system deployment, and no senior-level champion for accounts payable automation. 

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But the top reason that accounts payable departments remain stuck with these inefficient processes is that they do not know how to develop a business case for automation that will win over the C-Suite. In fact, studies show that the C-Level Executives (CEO, CFO, COO) recognize the challenges with processing supplier invoices in a manual or semi-automated environment, and are willing to spend more money to address them – they just need to be sold on the idea!

The onus is on accounts payable practitioners to develop a business case for automation that meets the needs of the C-Suite and other business stakeholders as well as the accounts payable department.

Download our latest webinar as we detail the Seven Steps to Building a Winning Business Case for Full Accounts Payable Automation.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  1. Line up Stakeholders
  2. Prepare for Objections
  3. Diagnose your Current State
  4. Calculate the Payback
  5. Propose the Solution
  6. Prove the Concept
  7. Plan for Change