Nexus Integrates with All the Top Property Management Systems

Nexus AP automation software integrates with over 30 property management systems, giving you all the data you need to manage invoices, payments, and procurement expertly. Nexus imports/exports the data automatically, while your property management system(s) remain the system of record.

Plus, you can import/export data from multiple systems. Nexus software can support multiple property management systems, all at the same time.

Data Syncs Every 15 Minutes Between Your GL and Nexus

No more manually downloading or uploading files, replicating data, or tracking down missing information. Data will appear in both systems for you to act on, minimizing confusion and errors.

AP Data Flows in Two Directions

The most important data flows from your GL to Nexus and from Nexus to your GL – all automatically. You’ll have context and history for all your AP decisions.

AP data flows in two directions for Nexus integrations.

*Job Types, Job Cost, Cost Codes, Phase Codes, Contracts, Change Orders, Job Budgets, Contract Budgets (when applicable)

Vendor Data

is stored in your GL and passed to NexusPayables, letting you see historical vendor invoices and how they compare with current ones.

Budgets and Actuals

are passed into NexusPayables from your GL, letting you view whether purchase orders and/or invoices exceed your budgeted amounts for properties and line items. Alerts are generated when budgets are exceeded.


are passed to Nexus so you can see the payment status for each invoice.

Job Cost Data

relationships are imported from your GL – so you can include job cost information in your POs and invoices.


are passed from Nexus to the GL, after completing approval workflows. Once paid, the invoice status will then be passed from the GL back into Nexus.

Integrate Custom Fields for Greater Accuracy

Nexus can support the integration of custom fields, allowing you to import additional data from your GL into your Nexus platform.

Common custom fields include:

  • Prorate To and From Dates
  • Separate Check
  • Cash Type
  • Additional Description
  • Pay By Type
  • Tax
  • UOM

With Nexus/General Ledger integration, enjoy:

Greater Visibility and Accuracy

Know where you stand with budgets and forecasting, expense management, and automatic payment processing

Improved Productivity

Expedite tasks with fully automated sharing of critical financial information such as invoice payments, actuals, and budgets

Greater Efficiency

Collate the data that matters to make the best decisions, while avoiding mistakes caused by human error