Real Time AP Data & Reporting

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Our robust, out of the box reporting options are built upon our expansive Real Estate industry knowledge. Reports in NexusPayables provide real time access to purchasing and spend data across your organization and allow you to monitor purchasing trends, approval times, accruals, and budgets to make informed purchasing decisions. If your business calls for organizing and displaying information in a unique way, our flexible Self-Service Reporting Tool will allow you to easily design your own custom reports using drag and drop functionality to select fields and organize columns.

Make AP reporting easier for all users across your organization:

  • Property Managers will have access to property purchasing and invoice details to practice better spend control
  • Regional Managers will have access to spend across their portfolio and can easily monitor user and purchasing activity
  • Accounts Payable staff will be able to easily create CAM reports, audit reports, GL accrual reports, and more
  • IT/Admin staff will have access to reports on system and user configurations and can monitor system changes
  • All stakeholders will be able to easily retrieve invoice images through our bulk PDF extraction process to quickly create complete reporting packages

Our Reporting Module Enables Real Estate companies to:

  • Provide clarity to stakeholders with reports on activity by supplier, property, GL account, date range, and more
  • Gain operational visibility with our Self-Service Reporting Tool, which allows you to view and sort data exactly as you need it
  • Eliminate the inefficient process of making copies or printing invoice images separately by including invoice images as part of your reports, simplifying construction draw reports, CAM packages, and audit requests
  • Monitor user activity through created by user or approved by user filters
  • Ensure timely invoice approval by monitoring who has items in their queue for approval

Types of Reports

NexusPayables offers standard system reports to help you maintain a tight rein on your cash flow, accounts payable, and purchasing. These include:

Cash Management Reports – Quickly and easily measure monthly accruals and track the days outstanding and aging of unpaid invoices. These reports help ensure your cash management success.  

Key Performance Indicator Reports – Readily monitor the stage of approval of a particular PO or invoice. Access metrics such as the elapsed time from scanning an invoice, transferring it to your general ledger system, and making payments. This information enables management to take steps to optimize team performance by identifying and quantifying previously hidden bottlenecks.  

Purchase Order, Receipt, and Invoice Activity Reports –  Monitor and analyze all purchasing and invoice activities at the transaction level and view specific details of how POs and invoices are being allocated. You can also view POs and invoices by status, creator, and several other variables.

Vendor Activity Reports – Negotiate discounts with vendors based on spend history, generate details of vendor insurance certificates, and track which vendors require a 1099 with this series of reports.   

Security Reports – Enhance internal controls with these reports. For example, the Active User Report displays individual user activity such as last access date. Other reports show the role rights of your user groups, what workflow rules are set up in the system, and how invoices have been reclassified after payment.  

Custom Reports – Create your own reports using our Self-service Reporting Tool if you cannot find a standard report that suits your needs. This tool employs easy drag and drop features to select fields and organize columns to satisfy your requirements. These reports can be saved and shared with different users.