Catalog Procurement & Purchase Orders

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The Catalog module is your company’s single source for online electronic ordering of all products and services. This module provides a faster, more efficient purchasing method, while offering the visibility and control needed to manage spend. Effectively browse and search multiple supplier catalogs within your organization’s approved network and purchase with confidence using pre-negotiated prices. Catalog auto-populates a purchase order during checkout, triggering a customizable approval workflow for purchase order processing that fits your unique business requirements. Purchase orders can also be emailed or submitted electronically to suppliers. All purchasing data from the Catalog syncs seamlessly with NexusPayables eliminating double data entry.

Catalog provides Real Estate companies with the ability to:

  • Secure the best pricing by searching for items across multiple suppliers
  • Streamline ordering by giving users access only to their designated suppliers
  • Place orders faster by saving “favorites”, utilizing a supplier’s existing shopping cart (“Punchout”), and automatically creating POs from checkout
  • Gain purchasing oversight with detailed reporting of items purchased, including non-compliant purchases

Purchase Orders (POs)

The PO module enables organizations to better control spending through the approval of purchase requisitions or purchase orders (POs) prior to expenditure. While POs can represent a fundamental shift in how businesses handle procurement, they can lead to significant improvements in spend control and cash flow planning. Your organization likely already has a purchase approval process in place, whether agreement is reached via internal spreadsheets or email exchanges. Purchase orders simply systematize and streamline these interactions. NexusPayables makes it possible to effortlessly integrate this step into your operations.

With POs, your company can first confirm available funds and then update budgets prior to an invoice hitting the general ledger. POs are dynamically routed through the approval process and all approved PO data (GL code, vendor, entity, notes, approval tracking, etc.) is then instantly converted (or “flipped”) into an invoice. This removes the need for duplicate data entry and facilitates straight-through processing into NexusPayables.

POs allow Real Estate organizations to:

  • Forecast cash flow and control spend before incurring liability
  • Speed PO processing by routing POs for approval via configurable workflows
  • Reduce processing time by submitting POs electronically
  • Eliminate double data entry with POs that seamlessly convert into invoices and auto-populate data such as vendor, price, quantity, line amount, and items ordered
  • Approve invoices and pay suppliers faster with auto-approval based on threshold rules

Mobile PO Processing

NexusPayables OnTheGo puts the power of your AP Automation Solution right in the palm of your hand, allowing you to manage your accounts payable from anywhere at any time. This mobile app connects to your NexusPayables application, providing quick access to mission critical accounts payable data. It’s designed to provide an intuitive experience for managing invoices, purchase orders, lists, and receipts.

With NexusPayables OnTheGo, you can:

  • Gain flexibility with the ability to create mobile purchase orders on the fly, either from scratch, a previous PO, a template, or an item list
  • Conduct business anywhere, approving or rejecting purchase orders from the field and accessing any PO or vendor data you need
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Built in budget indicators on the summary screen allow you to identify if an item is under or over budget by showing the dollar amount in GREEN or RED. Users can also attach images or photos directly from their mobile device to add clarity and detail to any PO.