Supplier Communication, Invoicing & Payments

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The One-Stop-Shop for You and Your Suppliers

We understand that supplier management remains a challenge for Real Estate companies. You must maintain and coordinate with a vast and complex network of suppliers. Your AP team must also field time-consuming, cumbersome requests regarding the status of invoices and payments, as suppliers lack this visibility. While there’s an opportunity to streamline supplier exchanges through online collaboration portals, efforts to enroll suppliers have traditionally failed either because clients are unable to allocate a resource to focus on doing so or suppliers don’t understand the benefits of these portals.

NexusConnect addresses these challenges – this intuitive online portal enables buyers and suppliers to electronically submit and track invoices, send and receive payments, and upload and review compliance documents. Both parties can interface with an entire network of business partners within one portal and, with just a few clicks, link to one another to send or receive POs, invoices or payments. Our Real Estate focus allows us to attract a large population of suppliers and adds a viral element to the network. In fact, you’ll find that many of your suppliers are likely already utilizing NexusConnect.

NexusConnect is the One Stop Shop for You and Your Suppliers

  • One place for electronic invoicing, compliance, and payments
  • One platform for easy supplier enrollment
  • One account profile with access to multiple suppliers
  • One community built for Real Estate

With NexusConnect, your organization can:

  • Go paperless and eliminate time consuming manual processes with electronic PO, invoicing, and payment capabilities
  • Increase supplier visibility with on demand access to invoice and payment status and detailed payment remittance information
  • Generate revenue with attractive electronic payment options
  • Organize information by gathering and storing compliance documentation in one place

NexusConnect offers suppliers information, insight and interconnectivity at no cost to them.

Supplier Adoption Toolkit

The First Step Towards Better Buyer-Supplier Collaboration

We’ll provide you with a proven playbook and best practices to encourage your suppliers to adopt NexusConnect. This is a consultative program driven by your goals and needs as a customer.

  • Plug and play solution to communicate the compounding value of NexusConnect to your suppliers
  • Accelerated supplier onboarding with exclusive email templates and call scripts
  • Identification and prioritization of key suppliers to target for enrollment
  • Regular Nexus check-ins to review insights and learnings from supplier rollout campaign
  • Intuitive portal experience to facilitate supplier self-enrollment
  • Post-onboarding supplier support provided by Nexus via email and 800 number