Arlington, VA (September 12th, 2005) – Nexus Systems welcomes George Comfort & Sons, one of New York’s oldest and most reputable real estate firms, to the ever growing list of NexusPayables clients. George Comfort & Sons chose Nexus Systems’ NexusPayables software to eliminate the issues of excessive paperwork-based accounting processes, which include invoice loss, processing delays, and multiple filings and copies. Moreover, NexusPayables offers enhanced reporting capabilities for CAM billing, EOM accruals, and project reporting. As an expected result of better information access and accountability, George Comfort & Sons will recognize significant efficiencies and time savings.

George Comfort & Sons’ success has led it to expand its portfolio under management across multiple metropolitan areas in the United States. To facilitate this growth, NexusPayables will enable Comfort to manage the invoice process for its many properties across the U.S. all in the same automated and streamlined fashion. In addition, NexusPayables’ two-way integration with the MRI/IRES NetSource GL package provides Comfort with an e-invoicing system that complements all relevant areas of the GL package including budgets, vendors, emergency checks, purchase orders, and job coding. George Comfort & Sons chose Nexus Systems not only for their unique A/P electronic solution, but also for Nexus Systems’ dedication and sincerity to their clients’ best interests.

Dana Comfort, Executive Vice President for Comfort & Sons, states: ” We chose NexusPayables because we wanted a system of payables which showed open invoices, payments and balances while operating the Intuit Real Estate Software. We know that scanning our invoices will be beneficial for audits and any disputes with vendors as well as long-term storage, when a need to have copies of invoices arises. We are very comfortable with the Application Service Provider model to supply software over the Internet – NexusPayables is an excellent solution to provide payables over a wide geographic area without having to spend big amounts of money for infrastructure and Information Technology costs – we are a real estate company not a technology company.”

“George Comfort & Sons, Inc. is always looking at ways to improve their processes which is why they are one of the most productive real estate companies in New York City. They understand the value of NexusPayables’ automatic two-way integration with their MRI/IRES NetSource GL system and the intelligence that is provided back to their staff to make informed decisions. In addition to the inherent benefits that an e-invoicing system will provide, George Comfort & Sons were looking for a system that is easy to use, eliminates redundant data entry and provides the ability to follow their existing workflow. NexusPayables provides just that and we are excited to have them as a client,” says Thomas Runyon, Senior Director of Sales.

About George Comfort & Sons
George Comfort & Sons is one of New York’s oldest and most reputable real estate firms. They currently manage nine million square feet of commercial property, fifty percent of which they own. Individual investors and global pension funds, such as SITQ and Loeb Partners Realty, are attracted to Comfort’s proven expertise in positioning properties and creating value in complex urban environments. Cities change and Comfort’s buildings change with them. Going beyond the essentials of disciplined management, leasing, capital improvement and efficient operations, Comfort targets under-performing assets and improves them through repositioning and redevelopment. As neighborhoods are reborn to new uses and reputations, Comfort responds quickly with reconstruction and re-tenanting, capitalizing on the state of flux that defines urban communities. (

About Nexus Systems, LLC.
Nexus Systems, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a leading business process software company specializing in payables management solutions. Our software product, NexusPayables, automates the payables process by e-invoicing, scanning, electronic approval routing and PO & invoice management. Nexus Systems solutions are in use by companies that want the efficiency, flexibility and cost savings associated with the automation of business management processes. More information on Nexus Systems can be found at

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