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Why CFOs Choose Nexus

As the leader of the finance department and a key member of the management team, you want to ensure your team is set up for success with accurate financial forecasting and optimized processes. With Nexus’ AP automation, you can transform your AP department from a cost center into a revenue generator. Our customers have reduced costs by up to 63 percent.

Easily access real-time data from both out of the box and Self-Service reporting. Nexus allows you to grasp the full picture through these key metrics:

  • Invoices in process
  • Accruals outstanding
  • Aging of receivables
  • Average invoice processing time
  • Days payables outstanding
  • Days sales outstanding

Nexus is the industry leader in advanced AP Automation, having worked with over 350 of the world’s leading real estate companies. Don’t you want the best for your financial team?

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Take charge of business spending

Paper based AP workflows mask the financial health of your organization. See the full picture, improve cash management and lower operating costs.

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Time-tested with industry expertise

Leading the Real Estate industry in AP automation, Nexus has helped over 350 happy customers save time, money, and resources.

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Gain complete visibility into your accounts payable while removing time intensive manual processes, so your team can focus on higher value initiatives.