About Nexus AP Automation Software

AP automation software for real estate needs to be different. Because it’s not just automating a few invoices – from a small group of suppliers located in a city nearby. It often requires processing thousands of invoices a month, each requiring multiple levels of approval, that need to integrate back into different GLs. With no manual uploads.

That’s where Nexus Systems comes in. Our AP automation software addresses all of real estate’s complexities, letting multi-family and commercial real estate companies manage their AP expertly. With complete visibility and control. And no workarounds.

Use Nexus AP automation software while wearing your gym shorts, yoga pants, or pjs.

Work from Anywhere​

With Nexus AP automation software, you can manage AP in your yoga pants, PJs, or gym shorts.  We won’t tell.

Helping Real Estate Companies View and Control Their Spend

From One Single AP Automation Software Platform:

Delighting our Customers

Nexus customers rave about the flexibility and configurability of our AP automation software. Plus, they appreciate Nexus’s employees, who are always engaged and eager to help them find additional efficiencies.

Building Trust ​

Strengthening Buyer-Supplier Relationships​

Easy Digital Transactions

Buyers and suppliers can transact digitally within a single platform. Suppliers can send connection requests, invoices, and insurance documentation, while buyers can send purchase orders and payments. ​​

Both groups can communicate seamlessly and electronically.

Buyers and suppliers can communicate and transact with each other using Nexus AP automation softawre

Supplier Self-Service Tools

Suppliers can ditch the phone and get answers about invoice and payment statuses with the NexusConnect online platform. All the information is at their fingertips.

Plus, with one login, they can view the status of transactions with multiple buyers.

Growing Rapidly

1 out of 5 of the world's top real estate companies use Nexus AP automation software

1 in 5 of the world’s

largest real estate companies use Nexus’s AP Automation software.

Included in the Inc. 5000

list of fastest-growing private companies in America for 7 years.

MOre than 50,000 end users - property managers, AP clerks, AP managers and CFOs, use Nexus AP automation software

50,000 happy users

registered worldwide.

45 million real estate invoices have been processed through Nexus AP automation software

45 million invoices

processed on behalf of real estate companies.

Implementing AP Automation Software Quickly – NexusFastStart

NexusFastStart is Ready in 10 Hours

Bypass complex integrations and launch an AP automation solution in less than 10 hours.  With NexusFastStart, get a “lite” version of NexusPayables and NexusConnect to receive, process, approve and submit invoices for payment – all electronically. ​Plus, you’ll enjoy complete visibility into your budgets, actuals, and vendor data, directly from your Yardi or MRI general ledger.

When you’re ready, you can easily upgrade to the full Nexus platform or customize FastStart to gain even more efficiencies. 

Learn about NexusFastStart

Get Up and Running with FastStart in Hours, Not Weeks

We’re Here to Help

Everyone at Nexus Systems is motivated to build long-term partnerships with our customers. Whether it’s onboarding suppliers for electronic payments or providing training on our NexusPayables platform, we’re ready to support you every step of the way.

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