AP Automation Software Built For Real Estate

Designed to handle all the complexities of multifamily, CRE, retail or any other specialty.

Lots of Invoices, Workflows, Properties, & General Ledgers? No Problem.

Nexus AP automation, procurement, and payments software is highly configurable and can support all your business changes.

Easily add new invoice/PO approval workflows, bank accounts, employees, vendors, supplier catalogs, or other elements – no IT background or accounting degree needed.

You’ll save time and money on your AP, and the benefits will continue no matter how much you grow.

Less Time on Invoice Capture
Less Time on Invoice Approvals
Less Time on Reporting
Less Time on Vendor Communication
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Configure Nexus Your Way. Take AP Automation to the Next Level.

NexusPayables Software

Nexus’s flagship software is fully configurable and lets users view, manage, and approve 100s to 1000s of invoices per month.

Approval workflows can be set up for invoice amount, region, over-budget amount, GL software and other criteria.

NexusConnect Supplier Portal

Stay connected with your suppliers through the NexusConnect portal, which integrates with NexusPayables.

Suppliers upload and send their invoices directly to their clients’ NexusPayables account – getting guaranteed invoice delivery and 24/7 visibility into status.

With the NexusOne plan, save by adding NexusPayments and launching quickly.

Reduce Data Entry for AP

Receive pre-coded invoices directly in your NexusPayables account. You’ll reduce manual entry, and shave ingestion time in half.

Suppliers enjoy multiple ways to submit invoices and get guaranteed delivery:

Send CSV to a dedicated Nexus email

Upload CSV directly into the NexusConnect portal

Submit invoice without image in NexusConnect

Upload invoice image directly into NexusConnect

Transmit invoices via API using Nexus eInvoice

Less Time on Invoice Review and Approvals

Manage Invoice Review & Approvals With All the Data

Nexus pulls in budgets, actuals, and vendor information directly from your GL, so you can review and approve invoices with the history and perspective you need.

Plus, you can set up automated workflows to route invoices to the next approver, based on the invoice amount, over-budget amount, property location, and other criteria. Change workflows whenever you want.

Plus, get an audit trail to see who touched an invoice and when.

Get Reports about AP Spend Without Hunting Around

Run your reports in seconds.

You can use pre-built reports or build your own to analyze budgets, invoices, job costs, POs, utilities, and vendors. Filter and sort by date, status, regions, entities, GLs, and more.

Plus, quickly pull bulk invoices and their associated images into a pdf that can be shared with stakeholders.

Earn cash rebates with Nexus virtual cards

Give Vendors Guaranteed Invoice Delivery & Real-Time Status Updates

Enable NexusConnect for your vendors and let them upload invoices there for guaranteed delivery to your NexusPayables account. Plus, suppliers will be able to check invoice status in near real-time, sparing your AP team calls about whether an invoice is approved for payment.

Learn more about our NexusConnect supplier portal​

Keep Your System(s) of Record & Enjoy Automatic Sync with Nexus AP Automation Software

Nexus passes invoice data automatically to your GL, while budgets, actuals, vendors and other data flow seamlessly into Nexus. You’ll have the context you need to approve invoices and manage your AP. ​

Nexus AP automation software integrates with over 30 property management systems, giving you all the data you need to manage invoices, payments, and procurement expertly. Nexus imports/exports the data automatically, while your property management system(s) remain the system of record.

Add Your Specialty Software to Nexus

Tap our flexible APIs to add your tax, utilities management, construction management, property tax management or other software.

NexusPayables integrates easily.

Trusted by Top Companies in Real Estate

We have been using NexusPayables for almost 2 years now. We process over 10,000 invoices a month and have become 100% paperless in regards to processing invoices. Nexus allows our teams to be transparent and accountable for coding/approving invoices.

Jesse E

NexusPayables Leads Automated AP

Since implementing this platform we have improved our processes, delivered efficiencies, and decreased our processing time for invoices. The workflow-based routing on invoices enables us to easily and quickly distribute invoices to the appropriate coders and approves regardless of their physical location and has completely eliminated the “paper shuffle” and given us 100% accountability for invoices from the date of receipt to the date of payment.

Diane C., Executive Vice President

Nexus AP Automation Software Helped Peterson Companies Reduce Invoice Processing Time by 64% & Gain Visibility from Invoice Receipt Through Payment

As one of the Washington, DC region’s largest privately-owned real estate developers, Peterson Companies processes thousands of invoices per month for its extensive real estate portfolio.

Learn how it shaved time off AP employees’ day, – reducing invoice processing time by 64% and reporting time by 80%.

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Nexus AP Automation Software FAQ

With AP automation, companies can transform their accounts payable processes from laborious paper sorting to simple online clicking. No matter how many invoices, workflows, properties, approvers, or general ledger systems they have. Managing, storing, viewing, and approving invoices is lightyears faster and less expensive, too. This is especially important for real estate companies, who often have multiple GLs, properties, and bank accounts.

When you automate AP, you move your invoicing/billing process online or to the cloud. You then manage every step of the AP process using software – not paper, spreadsheets, or email chains.

Save time and money with AP Automation. Nexus customers have reported spending up to 50% less time on invoice capture, 40% less time on invoice approvals, and 90% less time on reporting.

AP automation can be set up in as little as a few weeks – but will depend upon the provider you select.

AP automation is a great option for any business that receives many invoices and wants to slash the time it takes to process them. And, do it with fewer errors and delays.