Pay Suppliers Efficiently

No one has enough manpower to cut thousands of monthly checks and track them down when they get lost in the mail.

That’s why Nexus offers outsourced, electronic payment solutions for real estate companies as part of our Procure-to-Pay platform. We’ll handle every aspect of disbursements and provide real-time visibility into every payment made.

With NexusPayments, choose who you pay and when you pay them. You are in control.

When you use outsourced, electronic payments from Nexus, you can stop writing paper checks and dealing with the fallout when they get lost in the mail.
Once you send your approved payment file to Nexus, we'll take care of the rest - paying suppliers in their designated method and supporting them if they have questions.

Get Up & Running Quickly

Make one small change in your existing AP payments process. Instead of sending the payment file to the check printer from your accounting system, you’ll send it to Nexus.

Give Suppliers Real Choices

Nexus will then process the payments and pay suppliers in their chosen payment method, Nexus Virtual Card or ACH. If they’re unable to accept either, they can stick with checks. Suppliers have a say in how they get paid, while you can reduce time spent on issuing payments.

Get Rebates and Discounts

Receive rebates on payments made via the Nexus Virtual Card. Also, set up discounts in exchange for faster payment. Nexus can help you optimize your cash flow using electronic payments. Best of all, you can realize rebates starting Day 1.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Both buyers and suppliers can use the online portal, NexusConnect, to check payment status, method, and settlement date. No more guessing about AP payments.

Suppliers can also use the online portal to submit and track invoices and receive purchase orders.

Any payments made via Nexus can be viewed and tracked in the NexusConnect online portal 24/7.
Nexus will do the work to convert suppliers to electronic payment alternatives.

Supplier setup is effortless.

No Supplier Set Up Required: It’s on Us

Nexus has a pre-built network of 300,000 real estate suppliers – painters, plumbers, supply companies, etc. – who have already submitted invoices to/or received payments from the Nexus platform. So it’s very likely that your suppliers have transacted through Nexus. Many may have already accepted Virtual Card.

If they haven’t worked with us, we’ll walk them through the 3-5 minute set-up process for the online portal, where they can submit and track invoices, as well as select payment preference.  We’ll also help them find the payment method that works best for them and you. No funds are ever withheld to bias suppliers’ payment choices, nor to earn interest. Should there ever be a hiccup, Nexus provides both email and phone support.

Reconcile Easily

Using the online portal, view individual payments and how they roll up to aggregated amounts. Each payment is broken out into an individual line item – including checks. So it’s a snap to reconcile with both your bank statement and general ledger. Your GL/ERP will remain the master system of record.

Reconcile easily with up-to-date details right within Nexus.

Reconciliation made simple with:

  • Bank debit details
  • GL/ERP payment details
  • Supplier payment status
  • Total amount
  • Payment method
  • Reference number
  • Processing status

Reduce Costs

Reduce Check Costs

After your suppliers accept electronic payment methods, you’ll cut far fewer checks every month, saving time and money. Fraud and errors will also decline.

No Middleman

Nexus draws money to cover the payments directly from your bank accounts, no matter how many there are. It doesn’t act as a middleman, holding up funds.

Minimize Fraud

You can set up workflows that allow the right approvers to review payments and intercept questionable transactions. You’ll know where all of your payments stand at all times.

Benefit from Buy-In 

We know your suppliers are busy, so we’ll help them find other buyers that also use NexusConnect. That way, the portal becomes an important part of their day.

We’ll also reach out to your suppliers who have outstanding payments and remind them to take action, helping you balance your books.

Suppliers are willing to adopt electronic payments since so many of their customers prefer and offer them through Nexus.