Now Is the Time to Ditch Paper Checks

Switch to Nexus’s AP payments software and shave 50% off payment processing time.

AP Payments Software Trusted by Top Real Estate Companies

Less Time on Managing Payments
Reduction in Cost of Processing Payments

NexusPayments is the leading AP Payments software for multifamily, CRE, and other real estate companies. With just clicks, you can manage every step of the payment process online, from approval to payment. No matter how many vendors you have.

Whenever you’re ready, simply generate a file of approved invoices in your property management system. Designated approvers review the transactions in NexusConnect and give Nexus the green light to issue payments.

Nexus will then debit your bank accounts and pay vendors using Nexus Virtual Card, NexusDirect, ACH, or Nexus outsourced check.

“I love that everything is taken care of with the click of a button. NexusPayments saves my colleagues time. It saves my company money. And we earn rebates to boot. So, it’s a win-win-win.”

Tom Geurrieri, Tanger Factory Outlets

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“NexusPayments has given time back to me, my team, my department. We’re able to be more efficient and more effective in our daily, weekly, and monthly duties. And it has given us time to reevaluate how we do other things in our department and be able to take on more duties and be able to do them better.”

Sue Roberts, Habitat America


Pay Suppliers with the Widely Accepted Nexus Virtual Card

On Day One, you can stop writing paper checks. Nexus will tap its large supplier community to find all your vendors who already accept Nexus Virtual Card. We’ll also reach out to the remainder and encourage them to accept this secure payment method that also generates rebates.

Any suppliers/vendors that can’t accept a virtual card will be paid via an outsourced check, ACH, or NexusDirect (a virtual card option that doesn’t require a POS system).

Thousands of suppliers across the US accept virtual cards through Nexus AP Payments Software.

Many of your vendors already accept Nexus Virtual Card as their default payment method and can accept it from you as soon as you launch NexusPayments.

Lower Your Risk of Fraud

Nexus Virtual Cards offer exceptional fraud protection. They’re funded for a specific amount and cover a pre-designated transaction (or transactions). They also expire in 90 days. So, even if a virtual card were to fall into the wrong hands, it’s not likely to be misused.

Virtual cards made up only 3% of targeted payment fraud versus 66% of checks

*2022 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey

Nexus Virtual Cards are one of the electronic payment methods available through Nexus's AP Payments Software

Easily Manage Bank Accounts Used for Nexus AP Payments

It's easy to change banks with Nexus AP payments

Add New Bank Accounts
Without Hassle

Add your bank accounts to NexusConnect. We’ll verify the accounts have been set up correctly. No fees to add or change banks.

Nexus AP payments has no set asides and doesn't hold your funds.

Forget Set Aside Accounts
and Hidden Fees

Once you say go, we’ll processes payments immediately – and directly debit funds from your linked bank accounts. No interest charged.

Nexus AP payments has no set asides and doesn't hold your funds.

Maintain Your Banking

Nexus can debit any bank account to issue supplier payments. So, you can keep your banking relationships intact, no matter how many banks you have.

Reconcile Your AP Payments in Minutes

Whether Nexus pays your suppliers/vendors with virtual card, ACH, or check, it’s simple to reconcile your bank statements. Just login to NexusConnect and match debit totals with debits on your bank account statements. Drill down to see individual transaction amounts. You can cross-reference with your GL.

If Nexus issues checks on your behalf, we’ll use the same check numbers that are in your GL. No cross-referencing or extra steps needed.

Just log in to NexusConnect and click the Bank History page.

  • Easily filter by Bank ID, Debit Type, or Status (A).
  • Match Debit Total (B) with debits on your bank account statement, drilling down to see individual transaction amounts (C).

Cross-reference transactions with your GL.

Earn Rebates on Virtual Card and NexusDirect Spend

Get cash back for eligible payments made with Nexus Virtual Cards or NexusDirect. No cap on earnings potential.

Implement fast and your rebates can cover your Nexus licensing costs. ​

Earn cash rebates with Nexus virtual cards

Use Nexus Virtual Cards to get cash back​

Simplify AR for Your Suppliers

Faster Payments

Nexus processes payments immediately. Electronic payments reach suppliers/vendors in just a few days.

Visibility into Payment Status

Suppliers can track payment status online 24/7 using the NexusConnect online portal.

Guaranteed Payments

Nexus Virtual Cards are backed by Visa. You’re covered in the rare event that the supplier/vendor is hacked and funds are stolen.

Improved Reconciliation

Suppliers get complete remittance details in each virtual card notification email. They can also see details in NexusConnect.

Nexus AP Payments Software FAQ

There are many:

  • Lowers your payments costs – By automating your vendor payments with Nexus, AP payment costs often drop by 40% because you don’t have to pay for printers, postage, ink, and many other expenses associated with getting checks out the door.
  • Saves time – Nexus customers report they shaved off 50% of their time over manual payment processing because documentation and approvals are centralized and online – and any action only requires a few clicks to complete.
  • Increases security – Electronic payments, such as Nexus virtual card and ACH, are far more secure than checks (see below).
  • Increases visibility for both you and your suppliers – Payment status is visible online 24/7 in NexusConnect.

No. You can choose whom you pay electronically. For example, if you have a vendor that likes to stop at the boss’s office to chit chat and receive their check, you can still do so. You choose whom you pay through Nexus and whom you pay in-house. But keep in mind, the more suppliers you pay electronically, the more time and cost savings you’ll achieve (not to mention rebates you’ll earn).

Yes. You can start with automated vendor payments only. However, there’s a lot more functionality when you automate payments and invoices together, such as the ability to see the full invoice that you paid or are about to pay.

Nexus will pay suppliers on your behalf using Nexus Virtual Card, NexusDirect, ACH, or outsourced check. Virtual card and NexusDirect are the fastest of all the options and can generate rebates that can cover licensing fees. Nexus processes the payments immediately; it doesn’t use a sweep account to centralize the funds.

Yes. Suppliers will honor their buyers’ payments preferences. They don’t want to lose your business, and many prefer electronic because they’ll get paid faster than checks.

Moreover, suppliers trust Nexus. They can see all their payments online with NexusConnect. And whenever they need support, Nexus has a team ready to help.

Per Patrick Lambert, Owner of Haul Gone LLC, “[Nexus] customer service is Top Notch. [They’ve been] instrumental in helping us during initial set up and have been a great source of knowledge with our occasional queries. We are happy with NexusConnect and give them a 5 Star rating.”

While we’ve heard of some rare instances of suppliers raising rates, we know it’s not a widespread practice. Most simply consider any virtual card fees they incur as a normal cost of doing business.

Some Nexus customers even make electronic payments – Nexus Virtual Card and ACH – mandatory for their suppliers.

Nexus has an industry leading self-service portal, NexusConnect, where suppliers can easily check both invoice and payment details – at no cost. Nexus customers report that calls and emails from suppliers decrease by about 75%, thanks to all the information available in the self-service portal.

Nexus initiates payments to your suppliers as soon as you have approved them for disbursement. We don’t put them in set-aside accounts or charge interest.  Secure electronic payments are in suppliers’ hands in just a few days. Check payments are mailed the following business day.