Manage AP Payments Efficiently and Remotely with NexusPayments

No one has enough time nor manpower to cut thousands of monthly checks and track them down when they get lost in the mail.

That’s why Nexus offers NexusPayments – an outsourced, electronic AP payments solution that works seamlessly with your NexusPayables account. We’ll handle every aspect of disbursements and provide real-time visibility into every payment made.

Plus, you can manage your AP payments from anywhere – in your yoga pants, gym shorts, or even your PJs.

Keep Your AP Payments Processes

You can use the same payments approval workflows that are in place now – but with far less hassle. All supporting documents are available with a click, instead of burried under paperclips or in multiple inboxes.

Maintain Flexibility, Control, and Compliance

You choose which suppliers get paid by NexusPayments and which you’d like to pay manually with your in-house checks.

Reconcile Easily: Nexus Debits Directly from Your Bank Accounts

Nexus pulls funds directly from your existing bank accounts, no matter how many banks you have. We then pay your vendors with either virtual card, ACH, or check – depending on the rules you set up.

Reconciliation is easy because we’ll always use your money and your check numbers.

Get Greater Visibility into Your AP Payments

Enjoy Visibility at Every Stage of the AP Payments Lifecycle

You and your team will see when the payment is made, settled, and processed by the supplier, plus many other details.

Anyone who coded the invoice can also view the payment’s status in NexusPayables. This means you aren’t answering calls from property managers about whether the invoice is paid – and on what date.

Your Suppliers Stay in the Loop Too

Suppliers can check their account in NexusConnect to view the status of their payments in near real-time. Plus, they’ll receive an email each time they receive a virtual card or ACH payment.

Tap Nexus’s Pre-Existing Network of Suppliers​

Many real-estate suppliers already transact with Nexus – and even receive electronic payments from us – thanks to our industry focus on multi-family and commercial real estate. ​

In fact, it’s likely that a large number of your suppliers will be ready to accept virtual card payments from you on Day 1. ​

Reduce Check Writing Volume

By switching to virtual card, you’ll cut up to 30% fewer checks in just 10 weeks. That translates into huge cost savings because you’ll eliminate material costs like paper stock, ink, envelopes, and postage, as well as the time to manually cut and send these checks. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports it can cost anywhere from $4 to $20 to issue a single paper check.

Earn Rebates

You’ll earn rebates for your virtual card spend. Nexus will run multiple campaigns to offer suppliers virtual card – and will continue its outreach to boost your acceptance rate while increasing their convenience.

Add NexusPayments to your Nexus AP automation solution

NexusPayments integrates with NexusConnect and NexusPayables. You can get up and running in just a month, after a small contribution of your time.