Ask a Nexpert!

Free Virtual Q & A Sessions

Need help using Nexus AP automation and vendor payments software? Our Ask a Nexpert sessions are for you. ​​

These live, virtual Q & A sessions are held twice a month. You can submit your questions in advance, so we’ll be sure to cover them (you can also just sit and listen, too). Register for Ask a Nexpert below.​

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NexusPayables, NexusPayments + NexusConnect Q & A

Submit your questions about using NexusPayables, NexusPayments, and NexusConnect – and we’ll address them all. ​These sessions are for customers who already process their invoices through the Nexus AP automation platform.

NexusPayables Release Preview Webinars

These sessions preview the changes and improvements that are included in each NexusPayables release. We’ll take your questions, too.​​

Feel free to register even if you can’t attend live and we’ll send you a recording of the session.