If the thought of auditors knocking on your department’s door makes you cringe, you are not alone. Compliance is also top-of-mind for CFOs. Sixty-two percent of CFOs at best-in-class organizations identify compliance and risk mitigation among their top priorities (The Hackett Group).

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The problem is that paper-based accounts payable processes make it difficult, if not impossible, for businesses to ensure regulatory compliance. Paper-based accounts payable processes do not provide:

  • Tracking of invoice history and approvals
  • Mechanisms for ensuring that staff adhere to approval policies and separation of duties
  • Chain of custody assurances
  • Readily available audit information
  • Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Ways to prevent documents from being discarded or destroyed ahead of deadlines 


Fully automated accounts payable systems streamline compliance by addressing these issues. 

The technology:

  • Safeguards sensitive data with configurable roles-based access and interface controls
  • Creates complete audit trails of all system activities
  • Provides administrators with real-time visibility into user activities
  • Allows for the easy adjustment of security controls
  • Ensures compliance across contracts, processes, regulations and supplier strategies
  • Enables organizations to adhere to legal and internal document retention policies by eliminating the costly risk of deleting or altering an invoice prematurely
  • Provides auditors with view-only access to the system to eliminate the need to physically collect and photocopy documents requested by auditors


These capabilities are not available in a manual or semi-automated accounts payables environment.

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Manual, paper-based invoice processes complicate audit and tax reporting by making it difficult to:

  • Track invoice history and approvals
  • Readily provide all of the information required for audits
  • Prevent documents from being discarded or destroyed prematurely.