Arlington, VA (March, 6, 2006) Nexus Systems announced that The Bonaventure Company has deployed its NexusPayables e-invoicing and Accounts Payable (AP) automation software to streamline Bonaventure’s AP operations. As is traditionally common in Real Estate, Bonaventure found that its properties were sending large numbers of invoices between themselves and headquarters. They understood that this flood of paper represented the potential for efficiency gains. By implementing an automated AP workflow system, Bonaventure wanted stricter control over all their invoices so that any invoice in process could be easily tracked and accounted for at all times. This control, included in NexusPayables’ dynamic workflow engine, allows Bonaventure to realize significant additional and immediate efficiencies and greatly reduce the added burden to the Accounting Department as Bonaventure continues to grow rapidly.

The two main reasons Bonaventure chose Nexus Systems as its e-invoicing software provider are that Nexus has a proven, reliable track record integrating with Bonaventure’s IRES/MRI GL System and that NexusPayables is the easiest-to-use and most intuitive AP automation solution in the marketplace. Bonaventure also recognized the depth and breadth of functionality in Nexus’ product and wanted to self-host their own software, an option none of the other AP solution providers in the Real Estate market offers. NexusPayables’ CAM/Owners reports were also important for Bonaventure to streamline their auditing practices and disposition of properties.

Dwight Dunton, President of Bonaventure states: “Bonaventure recognizes that Nexus Systems has the leading e-invoicing and AP automation software tool in Real Estate today. That, coupled with Nexus’ proven compatibility with our IRES/MRI GL package, played heavily in the decision to deploy NexusPayables. However, the largest reason for this decision was that Bonaventure is a very forward thinking company that constantly strives to improve its operations, coming up with new innovative ideas for functionality and processes and we recognized in Nexus Systems a partner who shares that ideal.

Thomas Runyon, Sr. Director of Sales for Nexus Systems adds: “Bonaventure understands how implementing new technologies is providing them the competitive advantage over their competition. After review of many products that did not fit their business needs and even once considering trying to build a solution themselves, they then heard about NexusPayables. Once seeing the product and realizing the depth, control and efficiency that NexusPayables provides, Bonaventure realized that this is a perfect fit for their organization.

About Bonaventure Realty Group, LLC
Bonaventure leads the way through its investment advisory, property management, asset management and development services. Bonaventure has $155 million in residential multi-family property assets under management in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US and produced exceptional returns for our investors. Bonaventure mission seeks to manage, invest in, or fully acquire multi-family properties with strong fundamentals that are underutilized or under managed – but have good location, easy access to transportation systems, strong “street visibility,” and quality construction. Prior to taking over a property, Bonaventure develops a comprehensive financial, operational, and marketing strategy to meet the investment and operational objectives of our investors. Customer service and efficiency is the key to success and their annual returns are showing the positive results.

About Nexus Systems, LLC.
Nexus Systems, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a leading business process software company specializing in payables management solutions. Our software product, NexusPayables, automates the payables process by e-invoicing, scanning, electronic approval routing and PO & invoice management. Nexus Systems solutions are in use by companies that want the efficiency, flexibility and cost savings associated with the automation of business management processes. More information on Nexus Systems can be found at

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