Incorporate a Procurement Catalog

Enable your employees to purchase the real estate supplies they need, when they need them, without incurring runaway bills.

The Nexus Purchase-to-Pay platform can host an array of customized online catalogs, enabling your team to purchase goods and services within the rules you set.

Host supplier catalogs within your procure-to-pay solution to make it easy for employees to purchase goods and services from approved suppliers.

Reduce Maverick Spending with a Catalog of Pre-Approved Suppliers

With just a few clicks, employees can search and purchase goods and services from your company’s online portal of pre-approved suppliers. They’ll use your pre-negotiated prices and all of your procurement rules – housed in NexusPayables.

Include as many supplier catalogs as you like. Plus, create a procurement catalog for all your services. Just upload a CSV and Nexus will take it from there.

Streamline Purchasing – All Within NexusPayables

Employees can set up templates and favorites for easy reordering, with just a click.

Plus, they can select items from multiple catalogs and place them in one master shopping cart for easy check out. Then, it’s just a click to create the purchase orders.

Ordering supplies couldn't be easier - plus it's simple to create an electronic purchase order to send to your supplier.

Maintain Control and Accountability

Shortlist of Top Suppliers

  • Drive employees to your preferred suppliers

Require Purchase Approvals

  • Working with the purchase order module, the procurement catalog will create POs on the fly and route them to the right people (using your workflows)

Stay in Budget

  • After creating the PO, users can view how the purchase compares to budget

Easily route POs to the correct approvers.

View Purchasing Compliance

View whether your teams are ordering through your supplier catalogs, so you can realize any negotiated rebates.

The reporting module will track purchases made via the procurement catalog at pre-negotiated prices, and those that weren’t. It will also show amounts.

View compliance with purchasing rules. Use the Nexus procurement catalog to reign in maverick spend.