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Commercial Real Estate Accounts Payable

Improving accounts payable for your commercial property

Commercial Real Estate organizations face many unique challenges, such as high dollar value invoices, the need to track shared expenses, and the need for consolidated reporting across properties for management and owners, just to name a few. However, in a manual or semi-automated accounts payable environment, meeting these demands without hours of tedious manual labor is nearly impossible.

A fully automated accounts payable software makes capture of multiple levels of approval easy, even from people in separate locations or in the field. It can help accounting staff track shared expenses-such as common areas- without hours spent digging through old paper invoices, and it can easily generate the reporting owners and managers expect.

With the needs of Commercial Real Estate users in mind, Nexus’ products are built to meet the unique demands of this market, and will allow your organization to:

  • Instantly view current budget and expenditures
  • Accurately forecast future cash needs
  • Eliminate delayed invoice approvals with an easy to use mobile app
  • Allocate shared expenses without undue manual labor
  • Enforce AP policies, such as approval limits, particularly for remote or off-site staff
  • Manage reporting from a single system, without rekey or manually synchronized data

Nexus is the industry leader in advanced AP Automation, having worked with over 350 of the world’s leading real estate companies. Empower your accounting team to succeed and request a demo today.


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