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Nexus Digitizes Every Step of the AP Process​

With Nexus Accounts Payable Automation & Payments Software, AP teams can “go electronic” overnight and eliminate all the paper-based processes that weigh down their Accounts Payable.

Companies realize average time and cost savings of:

Less Time on Procurement
Less Time on Invoice Approvals
Less Time on Managing Payments
Reduction in Time on Managing Payments

Reduce Data Entry & Let Suppliers Self-Serve

Once vetted and approved, suppliers can upload their invoices in NexusConnect, code them, and send the invoice directly to your NexusPayables account. Guaranteed invoice delivery. Then, your AP team can accept reject the invoice.

Your AP team will no longer have to open envelopes, scan invoices, and manually enter data.

Suppliers can upload invoices in PDF, Word, Excel, and/or Jpeg formats.

We have been using NexusConnect to process our daily invoices for over a year. The platform is easy to use. We upload our invoices in a matter of seconds and can track the status of each invoice from submittal to final payment on one page.
[Nexus] customer service is Top Notch. [They’ve been] instrumental in helping us during initial set up and have been a great source of knowledge with our occasional queries. We are happy with NexusConnect and give them a 5 Star rating.
Patrick Lambert, Owner, Haul Gone LLC

Give Every Stakeholder Unprecedented Visibility

Suppliers, property managers, and authorized users can see invoice and payment status 24/7. ​


All authorized users can view invoice/payment status. They can also compare invoices to budgets and actuals (pulled from GL).


Suppliers can view the status of invoices and payments, including payment methods and the invoice(s) associated with each payment.

Nexus OnTheGo

Authorized users can simply open this mobile app to check invoice status – plus approve or reject invoices – anytime, anywhere.

Pay Suppliers with the Widely Accepted Nexus Virtual Card

On Day One, you can stop writing paper checks. Nexus will conduct a search of its extensive supplier network to identify every one of your suppliers who already accepts the Nexus Virtual Card and set them up to accept it from you.

We’ll also reach out to the remainder and encourage them to accept this secure payment method that generates rebates for you.

Thousands of suppliers across the US accept virtual cards through Nexus AP Payments Software.

Many of your vendors already accept Nexus Virtual Card as their default payment method and can accept it from you as soon as you launch NexusPayments.

Start Big or Small. Easy to Grow.

With Nexus, you’ll get all the functionality you need to eliminate the paper shuffle, from opening envelopes to cutting paper checks. You can add customizations and additional workflows easily. Add other Nexus modules, like Purchase Orders, E-Procurement, and Job Costing, as you need them.

Sync Data Automatically from/to Nexus and Your System of Record​

Nexus AP automation software integrates with over 30 property management systems, giving you all the data you need to manage invoices, payments, and procurement expertly. Nexus imports/exports the data automatically, while your property management system(s) remain the system of record.

Plus, you can import/export data from multiple systems. Nexus software can support multiple property management systems, all at the same time.

NexusPayables Leads Automated AP

Since implementing this platform we have improved our processes, delivered efficiencies, and decreased our processing time for invoices. The workflow-based routing on invoices enables us to easily and quickly distribute invoices to the appropriate coders and approves regardless of their physical location and has completely eliminated the “paper shuffle” and given us 100% accountability for invoices from the date of receipt to the date of payment.

Diane C., Executive Vice President

Great Product!

We have been using NexusPayables for almost 2 years now. We process over 10,000 invoices a month and have become 100% paperless in regards to processing invoices. Nexus allows our teams to be transparent and accountable for coding/approving invoices.

Jesse E.

Makes ordering easy!

I am amazed at the amount of things I’m able to do with this software, including generating reports customized to what I need to know on-site! I love that all orders from any company can be placed from this one software application! I can also keep up with budgeting for our property, and ensure invoices are paid as well. It’s everything you need wrapped into one place!

Haley W., Property Manager

The Leader in Vendor Payments and Invoice Automation for Real Estate