Drive More Revenue from Your Spend

Pay vendors securely with Paymode-X and double your cash rebates.

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Drive More Revenue from Your Spend

Pay vendors securely with Paymode-X and double your cash rebates.

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Benefit from Two Secure, Revenue-Generating Payment Methods

Paymode-X offers two easy-to-issue payment types that generate revenue for you. Just send us your payments file and we’ll process your supplier payments for you. The transactions will be visible in an easy-to-use portal where you’ll be able to access detailed remittance, supplier payment history, and much more.

Premium ACH

Pay suppliers securely from your bank accounts to theirs via ACH.

Plus, your payments generate cash-back rebates.

  • Fast payments – Suppliers get paid faster than with checks.
  • Widely accepted – Suppliers know and trust ACH for its speed and reliability.
  • Secure – $300 billion paid annually without a single incidence of fraud.
Virtual Card

Pay suppliers using fraud-free virtual cards and receive cash back. Paymode-X debits your bank accounts for the invoice amount and then emails your suppliers a virtual card.

  • Secure – One-time use card expires in 60 days. Issued for exact amount of invoice.
  • Fast payments – Arrives quickly via email. Suppliers process it in their point-of-sale system.
  • Frictionless – No need to assume the risk of storing suppliers’ banking information.

Pick the Payment Method(s) That Works for You

Just select the payment methods that work best for you. Our sophisticated matchmaking technology will help you generate the highest possible rebates without impacting your valued supplier relationships.

You’ll know exactly which suppliers accept Premium ACH, Virtual Card, or other payment methods by logging into your dedicated portal.

About half of your vendors are likely in the Paymode-X network and ready for electronic payments.

Tap into an Established Network of 500,000+ Vendors Who Already Accept Payment through Paymode-X

Paymode-X has amassed the largest B2B supplier payment network across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and dozens more, all as a result of more than 20 years of making it easy, safe, and fast to exchange payments.

You’ll discover that a majority of your suppliers are already in the network and can accept Premium ACH and virtual card as soon as you’re live with Paymode-X.

Should there be suppliers that aren’t in our vast network, we’ll reach out to each one on your behalf and enroll them, saving you time and effort. You’ll also get up and running with payments within about 30 days.

Suppliers Prefer Paymode-X for:

Enrollment that’s engaging, not enraging.

We know supplier relations can be fraught, especially if you’re frequently asking them to enroll for new payment types.

Paymode-X takes over your enrollment efforts and uses high-touch, friendly, benefits-forward campaigning to get your suppliers on board and receiving virtual card and Premium ACH payments. You’ll never have to pick up the phone to enroll a vendor again.

Better remittance for easier receipt and reconciliation

The more robust the remittance detail, the easier it is for accounts receivable teams to match payments to invoices and apply cash.

Paymode-X provides a variety of remittance options for Premium ACH and virtual card payments, including CTX, that aid in faster receipt and reconciliation. That makes adopting digital payments an easier sell for suppliers and smooths processes on both ends.

An end to impersonation and interception

Suppliers stand to lose a lot when bad actors gain access to their accounts or steal their payments, with consequences ranging from money lost to broken business relationships.

Paymode-X authenticates every supplier on the network, ensuring that account changes can’t be made without passing the most strenuous multi-factor authentication challenges in the marketplace. That means peace of mind for you, but it also means peace of mind for your supplier, who can be sure their payment will be there and not in the hands of a fraudster.

Line of sight into every payment.

Paymode-X makes it easy for suppliers to track payments, view payment history, and schedule payment reports to land in their inbox.

The benefits? Time savings and the ability to see every payment made received Paymode-X at-a-glance with remittance detail, making reporting a snap and life just a little easier for your valued suppliers.

Manage Payments Easily

Payers and suppliers alike can log in to access distinct Paymode-X portals, where they can manage, report, and transact payments.

Payers can access our newly updated portal, with a simple yet robust dashboard that allows for:

  • Importing payment files and making B2B and B2C payments easily
  • Checking payment statuses, viewing historical payments, and pulling reports
  • Viewing remittance information and accessing vendor payment records

Payers can also issue one-off payments, pay individuals and international vendors, and directly add/manage vendors within the portal.

Suppliers use a robust, easy-to-utilize portal to track incoming payments and complete AR tasks like:

  • Viewing remittance detail and accessing payments reporting
  • Scheduling reports and payment information to be delivered directly to their inbox
  • Invoicing customers directly with our simple built-in tool

They can also view a list of their active payers, search for new payers utilizing Paymode-X, and much more in the portal, which is available at all times.

Issue B2C and B2B Payments with One File

Use the same payment file to issue B2C and B2B payments alike, saving time and streamlining your payment process.

B2B payments made via Premium ACH and virtual card are always eligible for rebates.

Feel Confident. Every Payment Is Secure.

Pay with confidence. Paymode-X uses layers of security, including robust supplier authentication, to shut out fraudsters trying to access our network…and it works! We process $300 billion annually with zero fraud instances.

92% of our customers rated our vendor identity and bank information authentication as better than any other competitor’s, per a recent Paymode-X survey.

“We chose Bottomline because Paymode-X verifies the banking information of our vendors.
We no longer are responsible for maintaining vendor banking details.”

Accounts Payable Manager, Large Enterprise Healthcare Company

Trusted by Businesses in Every Industry

Nexus and Paymode-X Work Together

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