Step up Electronic Invoice Processing

Gain more control with Nexus, while slashing invoice processing time in half.​

Electronify the Invoice Process

With Nexus electronic invoice processing, you can reduce invoice processing time to four days or less*. Every step of the invoice process is online and visible in NexusPayables. Approval routing is automatic and intelligent. And you’ll get alerted if there are delays.​

​Complex invoice approval workflows? No problem. Nexus supports your existing invoice workflows, no matter how many approvals are required. Plus, you can add additional workflows anytime, and view who changed them and when.

Read more about the time and cost savings achieved with Nexus electronic invoice processing. ​

*Measurement time: ingestion date through ready-to-pay date​

Less Time on Invoice Review and Approvals
Nexus electronic invoice processing lets you reduce time on invoice review and approvals

Reduce Data Entry for AP

Receive pre-coded invoices directly in your NexusPayables account. You’ll reduce manual entry, and shave ingestion time in half.

Suppliers enjoy multiple ways to submit invoices and get guaranteed delivery:

Send CSV to a dedicated Nexus email

Upload CSV directly into the NexusConnect portal

Submit invoice without image in NexusConnect

Upload invoice image directly into NexusConnect

Transmit invoices via API using Nexus eInvoice

Get Proven Time and Cost Savings

Multifamily and CRE companies receive lots of invoices, change vendors often, and pay their bills from multiple banks. The Nexus Automated AP system can handle it all, from procurement to payment.

Less Time Communicating with Vendors

Provide Invoice Status Online

Free your AP team from answering calls with Nexus electronic invoice processing. Give suppliers the NexusConnect self-service portal, where they can upload their invoices and then view their status online – approved, rejected, paid. ​

Property managers can access the same data in NexusPayables. Everyone will be armed with the same information.​

With Nexus electronic invoice processing, suppliers can track the status of their invoices online through NexusConnect
Less Time on Invoice Capture
Less Time on Invoice Approvals
Less Time on Managing Payments
Reduction in Time Spent on Procurement

Know Where You Stand

Nexus pulls in budget, vendor, and other data from your GL, so you’ll have insights about how invoices compare to budget, how much you paid previously for the same product or service, and cost overruns. ​

Plus, pull reports related to your electronic invoice processing in a fraction of the time.​

Less Time on Reporting

Simplify Accounting

Make Auditing Easier

Search invoices by date, vendor, amount, and GL code. View who approved invoices and when. And, once an invoice is paid through NexusPayments, it’s updated with remittance details.

Close the Books Faster​

Close month-end and year-end faster and more accurately with access to real-time invoice status i.e., see which invoices are pending approval and which are submitted for payment.

Get the Invoice Data In Your GL

Through integration, Nexus automatically pushes invoice data to your General Ledger, which remains your system of record. Nexus also automatically pulls in budgets and actuals.

Nexus electronic invoice processing helps protect you against fraud

Enable Compliance and Protect Against Fraud

Match invoices to your electronic POs, which be can generated right within NexusPayables. Nexus supports both two-way and three-way matching (PO-to invoice-to receipt) so you can guard against fraudulent invoices and payments.​

​Setup digital access controls and ensure that employees have the correct invoice permissions tailored to their role.​

Manage Your Invoices Anytime, Anywhere

Use Nexus’s electronic invoice processing software in conjunction with the OnTheGo mobile app. With OnTheGo, you can:

  • Review, approve & reject invoices
  • Compare invoices to budget
  • Search and view invoices, as well as forward to other approvers
  • Add supporting documents, including pictures
The different ways Nexus can ingest invoices for electronic invoice processing

Pay Easily and View Original Invoice

Add NexusPayments to pay invoices in just a few clicks.​

Once invoices are approved and ready-to-pay, just batch them in your GL and send through to NexusPayments. Nexus will debit your bank accounts and pay your suppliers with secure electronic payment methods, including the widely accepted Nexus Virtual Card.

You’ll be able to track all payments online and see the associated invoice.

“Our invoice approvers love the ease-of-use of NexusPayables and appreciate having the invoice images and all related details on one screen.
Our accountants are pleased with how quickly they can enter invoices, and see their details in one place.”

Elissa Schwetz, Controller
STNL Development