Shift from Manual to Electronic Invoice Processing

Electronic invoice processing for real estate needs to be different. Because real estate companies aren’t ingesting a few invoices a month and then routing them to a single approver. They are often processing thousands of invoices – from the one-person landscaping company to nationwide retailers – and then routing them to different approvers, and then one or more GLs for payment.

That’s where Nexus shines. Our electronic invoice processing addresses all of real estate’s complexities – enabling multi-family and commercial real estate companies to electronically process their invoices with complete visibility and confidence.

Electronic invoice processing

Nexus customers rave about their visibility into every step of the electronic invoice process.

Gain Complete Visibility From Invoice Receipt to Payment

View invoices status from the moment the invoice is received, though the coding and approval process, to when payment is made.  Nexus provides visibility for all your users through every step of the invoice automation process.

The steps in Nexus electronic invoice processing

Ingest Invoices Easily

Receive AP invoices from suppliers via:

Secure Supplier Portal – Suppliers can upload their invoices into NexusConnect for indexing and guaranteed delivery to your NexusPayables’ account. They’ll be in your dashboard and ready for your review.

E-Invoice – Supplier sends invoices via API to the Nexus platform.

Email/Lockbox – Suppliers can email or snail mail their invoices to a secure lockbox. A dedicated Nexus team scans these invoices and then indexes them into the Nexus platform for you.

Self-Scan – Scan the invoices you receive directly into the Nexus platform. Then, add a few details to the invoice record while the invoice displays on-screen.

The different ways Nexus can ingest invoices for electronic invoice processing
view the utilities you can manage easier with Nexus electronic invoice processing

Incorporate and Store Utility Information

Automatically collect and process the utility data for all your properties – and pay each bill on or before their due date – so you never have to worry about late fees or service interruption. You can also track and report on cost and consumption data, helping you identify trends, anticipate budget variances, and drive savings.

Keep Your Invoice Approval Structure, No Matter How Complex

Have multiple approvers for high-dollar purchases? Or approvers in different offices or regions? Or unique combinations of approval requirements? With Nexus electronic invoice processing, you can use your existing approval workflows. Best of all, no custom code is needed. A business analyst or system admin can easily configure and change approval workflows.

Set up approval workflows based on:

  • Invoice amount
  • Required approvers
  • GL code
  • Over-budget amount
  • Job code
  • Contract
Provide every stakeholder with visibility into where each invoice stands.

Increase Controls

Add More Eyes – Enable multiple individuals to simultaneously review invoices and add comments. Plus view reports comparing invoices against budget. Also, see approval bottlenecks.

Use Audit Trails – View the electronic footprint for every step.

View and Approve Invoices from the Field – With the NexusPayables On The Go application, view, approve, and reject invoices away from your desk

Boost Accuracy with Electronic Invoice Processing

Flip Purchase Orders to Invoices

With a few clicks, convert purchase orders into invoices using line items drawn directly from the PO

Allocate Costs to GL Codes & Properties

Easily split invoices into many line items with one predefined split activity

Compare Against Receipts

Automatically validate invoices with two and three-way matching against POs and receipts

Reduce Errors & Exceptions

Automatically catch errors with automated processes

Provide Suppliers with 24/7 Visibility to Invoice Status

Bypass the calls about “Did you receive my invoice?”

Give suppliers access to the online portal, NexusConnect, where they can find invoice status with just a few clicks. In seconds, they can discover whether their invoice was submitted, approved, rejected, on-hold, voided or paid.

They can also upload their invoices in NexusConnect and send it to your NexusPayables account directly, where you can accept or return.

Manage Your Invoices Anytime, Anywhere

Nexus OnTheGo mobile app

Use Nexus OnTheGo to

  • Review, approve & reject invoices
  • Compare invoices to budget
  • Search and view invoices, as well as forward to other approvers
  • Add supporting documents, including pictures
The different ways Nexus can ingest invoices for electronic invoice processing