Set Up

Will I need to install any software to use NexusConnect?

Yes, you will need to verify that any computer that will be used to access NexusConnect has the following software and version minimums:

  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or Higher
  • Access to the Internet

Why do some of the buttons in my site not seem to do anything when I click them?

Check to see that your NexusConnect site is not in compatibility mode or that you do not have the URL saved in your compatibility settings.

To review, go to Tools>> Compatibility View Settings.

What file types can be uploaded into NexusConnect?

PDF, Word (.DOC, .DOCX), and Excel (.XLS, .XLSX), PNG, JPG are the acceptable file types that can be uploaded into NexusConnect.

What is NexusPayables?

NexusPayables is an application that helps to automate the AP process. NexusConnect is a sister

application that grants access for suppliers to submit invoices directly into customers’ NexusPayables site.

The list of customers shown are existing customers on the NexusPayables platform.


Will an account need to be created for each customer using NexusPayables?

You will only need to register one time. Each customer will need to authorize your account to submit and access data.

Contact Information

Who should I contact for billing inquiries, payment status?

You will need to contact your customer point of contact(s); which can be stored under the Contacts


Who should I contact for account setup questions or technical support?

You can contact Nexus Systems, through the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the webpage.


Users Roles

Can we set up multiple user profiles for my company to submit invoices?

Yes, you can setup as many user profiles as needed from your Admin User Profile.

What is an admin User Profile?

The Admin User Profile is created when a new supplier account is created in NexusConnect. Because there are unique Tax IDs per organization, NexusConnect reads those Tax IDs into single accounts for each organization that enrolls.


How do I invite new users to my Company’s account?

Under “My Profile”, the Admin User has a tab entitled “Users” where they are then able to invite co- workers via an invite email or copy/paste the URL.

Can I remove users access?

Yes, under “My Profile”, the Admin User has a tab entitled “Users” where they can inactivate unwanted users.

What happens to my existing customer authorizations when I invite additional users?

All customer authorizations (pre-existing or new) are granted to your entire company’s users on your account.

How long does it take for submitted invoices to reach the customer?

Submitted invoices are delivered to the customers’ NexusPayables application every 7 – 10 minutes.

How do I reset my password should I forget my current password?

The log-in page of NexusConnect provides a Forgot Password link. The user will need to enter their user name and email to have the system send a temporary password after clicking the Forgot Password link.


I don’t see any Location/Properties in my drop down. What do I do?

To create a favorite, enter the Location/Property Name, Code/ID, or Street Address and click Search to display returned results matching your lookup. From there click on the Add to Favorite button to include that in your drop down for quick indexing.


Can I enter a Location/Property name in the text field for submitting invoices to my customers?

No, for better accuracy and quicker indexing the process has changed to require users to pick from the Favorites drop down option.

My POs

I received an email saying that I have a PO to review in NexusConnect. What do I do next?

When logged into NexusConnect, click on the My POs menu icon to bring you to the PO Register. From there, select the corresponding customer who sent you the message to display the Purchase Order for review. Click the row to display the PO and either Accept or Reject the PO for your customer.


I don’t see any Purchase Orders in my PO Register. Why?

The PO Register filters data by customer. Make sure you have filtered the data by the correct customer to see the Purchase Orders for review.

How long do my POs stay in the PO Register?

Purchase Orders remain visible in the PO register for 90 days from when the PO was created by the customer. After 90 days, the PO will no longer be visible in NexusConnect.

My Policies

I received an email about updating my expiring/expired Certificate of Insurance. What do I do?

Click on the My Policies menu icon to load the Insurance Register. From there, select the customer from the drop down that was mentioned in the email. Click the corresponding policy and update the records accordingly. Then click deliver. Remember to upload a copy of the latest version of the policy before delivery.

I don’t see any policies in my Insurance Register. Why?

The Insurance Register filters data by customer. Make sure you have filtered the data by the correct customer in order to see the policies for review.

Account Lock Out

I am locked out of my account? Why did this happen?

The system allows for six (6) attempts total. Once you reach three (3) incorrect attempts, the remaining attempts left are shown before locking out the user.

How long is the lock out?

The lock out is a 30-minute duration. You will receive an email at the time of lock out that tells you the time marker when the lock out on your account expires. Once that has passed you will be able to log in again.

Is there anything I can do to unlock my account?

Not at this time. Please waiting the duration of 30 minutes for your account to be unlocked.


Payments Center

What is the Payments Center?

The Payments Center is a module that gives NexusConnect Admin Users the ability to enroll in payment terms and types with their customer(s) via Nexus Payments. Once enrolled, NexusConnect users will have visibility on future payments including a dashboard for 3 month transaction trends (for multiple payment types), visibility in uncollected payments and existing payment terms per customer.

What is Nexus Payments?

Nexus Payments is a virtual payment enrollment that allows NexusPayables customers the flexibility of offering multiple payment types to their suppliers on NexusConnect. By enrolling, payment terms and types are defined and can be configurable at the NexusPayables customer’s discretion.

How do I get started with Nexus Payments?

Go to the Payment Customers page within the Payments Center and you can enroll with any customer signed up with Nexus Payments. If you do not see any customers listed, please contact your customer POC to get started.