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Nexus electronic payments are faster and more secure than paper checks​

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Nexus Digitizes Every Step of the Invoice & Payment Process for Suppliers

With the Nexus platform, suppliers can eliminate all the paper-based processes that weigh down their Accounts Receivable. They can submit their invoices online to their customers who use Nexus, track invoice status, and receive payment. No more phone calls to AP teams inquiring about where invoices and payments stand.

Payment Methods that Work for You

Pay Your Suppliers Electronically With the Widely Accepted Nexus Virtual Card

Become a Nexus Virtual Card​ Acceptor

Nexus Virtual Cards are highly secure. They are issued for the exact amount of the invoice(s) due. And they are backed by Visa.

Nexus automatically emails you a card after the buyer has approved payment. Each card:

  • Has a short expiry date
  • Becomes invalid when balance reaches $0
  • Gets processed like a credit card in a Point-of Sale system (or processed by Nexus with NexusDirect)

Become a global acceptor – and accept Nexus Virtual Card from all your customers who use Nexus invoice processing. Or, just accept the card from customers on a one-by-one basis. It’s your choice.

Enjoy Straight Through Processing

If you’re an SMB, you may be eligible for NexusDirect, powered by Chase. NexusDirect is a Nexus Virtual Card solution that features straight through processing for companies who don’t have a POS system. It works just like Nexus Virtual Cards, but all the processing/card swiping is done on your behalf.

It also can provide even faster payment. Suppliers who bank with Chase will see funds deposited into their account the same day.

Additional Payment Options

Based on your customers’ preferences, you may be offered ACH or another payment option. We’ll let you know what they prefer – and you can decide if it makes sense for you.

Gain More Visibility into the Payment Process

No paper checks lost in the mail. With Nexus’s electronic payments solutions, all payments are visible 24/7.​ View payment status every step of the way within the NexusConnect portal.

Just sent a batch of approved invoices to the Nexus electronic payments solution
Send & Approve Payments
You can choose from a variety of payment options when using the Nexus electronic payments solution
Nexus Issues Payments
Supplier (you)

With each electronic payment, you will receive an email notification with details including the payor, total payment amount, and associated invoices.

Track All Payments Online

Both you and your buyers can use the NexusConnect portal to view:

  • Current and historical payments

  • Payments for a particular timeframe

  • Invoice(s) associated with each payment

With Nexus's Electronic Payments Solution, both you and your suppliers can track payments online, 24/7

Nexus is the most trusted electronic payments platform for multifamily, CRE, and other real estate segments.

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Getting Paid through Nexus – FAQ

Nexus reaches out to suppliers and asks them how they’d like to be paid. Please note, these are the only numbers that are authorized to call you from Nexus.

Simply complete this form, and from there a Nexus representative will contact you via phone or email to complete your electronic payments enrollment.

It’s essentially a one-time use credit card sent via email, and backed by Visa. You process the card numbers exactly like a credit card, with your POS terminal. While there’s no charge from Nexus, there is a Visa interchange fee.

The benefit: you’ll get paid quicker than checks and you can track them online in NexusConnect.

You process Nexus Virtual Cards much like credit cards. The Virtual Card consists of a 16-digit number, CVV, and expiration date, which you simply input in your Point-of-Sale system. You will then receive the funds in your linked bank account.

Yes. Nexus offers NexusDirect straight through processing which enables suppliers to receive payment through a virtual card – without having to enter numbers into a point-of-sale system. Nexus will do that work for you and deposit the money directly into your bank account, for a competitive and consistent fee.