View Short On-Demand Videos

Bite-Sized Training on NexusPayables

These convenient how-to videos will teach you the steps to perform common tasks in NexusPayables. You’ll learn practical information to simplify your day-to-day.

To view, simply log in to NexusPayables. Click the Help icon, then Learning Resources.

All videos will appear under the Help Videos tab. Just click the expand option next to each folder to view related content.

Here’s just a sampling of the videos you’ll be able to access:

Administrator Videos

  • Adding a New GL Account

  • Adding a New Property

  • Adding a New User Group

  • Adding a New User

  • Setting up International Currency

  • Managing the Message Center

  • Using the Private Invoice Flag

Invoice Videos

  • Creating a New Invoice

  • Approving a PO or Invoice

  • Forwarding an Invoice

  • Creating a Line Item Split on an Invoice

  • Uploading Line Items on an Invoice

  • Linking a PO to an Invoice

  • Viewing the Invoice Payments Report

Purchase Order Videos

  • Creating a New PO

  • Approving a PO or Invoice

  • Forwarding a PO

  • Linking a PO During Indexing

  • Linking a PO to an Invoice