Frequently Asked Questions

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Most clients reduce the time it takes them to process invoices by 50% using Nexus AP software. Nexus offers many different invoice receipt options. One of the most popular is NexusConnect, where your approved suppliers can upload and send their invoices to your NexusPayables account, with guaranteed delivery.
Yes, it can. Nexus has incredibly robust and flexible workflow configurations to meet the needs of our Real Estate clients. Once an invoice is coded and ready for approval, it’s automatically routed for approval based on the business rules you’ve set in the system. Approvers are notified via email and can easily review for approval by logging into the Nexus application or going through the Nexus OnTheGo app.
Because of the optimized and automated approval workflow in Nexus, our clients realize a 40% average time savings on review and approval times each week. No more chasing people down or sending multiple emails to get their approval.
Nexus can handle an unlimited number of invoices. Some clients process as few as a few hundred invoices a month, while others process tens of thousands.
Nexus sends automated notifications to approvers who need to sign off on an invoice. Then, the approver can simply log in to Nexus to review and approve the invoice. Everything is handled in a few clicks. You can also set scheduled notifications and can approve them on the mobile app.
Yes. Because access to Nexus is role-based, you can set up different roles for each department, such as maintenance, property managers, IT, and others. Nexus increases transparency across your whole team by only showing them what they need to do their jobs.


Nexus comes with 100 built-in reports to help you analyze budgets, invoices, job costs, POs, receipts, and more. Generate them on-demand.
Yes, after implementing Nexus, clients have reported that they’ve reduced the time spent on preparing reports by 90%.


Nexus centralizes everything related to procurement so authorized users can see and track every order, including dates, quantities, and costs. Moving all the information into one system decreases the likelihood of duplicate orders, decreases expenditures, eliminates the wasted time of approvers denying duplicate orders, and reduces the chances of carrying excess inventory.
Nexus can save up to 70% of the time spent on procurement activities. To purchase supplies, authorized users simply browse online catalogs – embedded in your Nexus application – and add the products or services to a master shopping cart for easy checkout.
Purchase orders are automatically generated and sent to approvers based on the workflows you have set up in Nexus. The approved POs are then routed to suppliers automatically. Everything is done in a few clicks, saving everyone time and effort. Plus, it’s completely transparent. You’ll know what you purchased, who purchased it, and how it aligns with your budget. And when the invoice comes in, it’s automatically matched to the PO. You can also compare the receipt for a three-way match.


Every order, invoice, and other expenditure can be compared to budgets and actuals. They’re imported automatically from your property management system every night. You can configure Nexus to send out notifications to stakeholders and approvers when you get close to or exceed your budget, so your team can take the appropriate action.
Yes, Nexus has a powerful reporting feature that gives you insights on your budgets, invoices, job costs, POs, receipts, utility costs, suppliers, and more. The reports give you a real-time view of your properties and provide a historical overview of budgets. You can use this information to create future budgets and see where you need to optimize project work, reduce cost overruns, and more.
Yes, Nexus has many features to help reduce over budget spending, helping many clients save at least 10% on that spending through greater transparency. Users can see which line items in each category are over budget during the month. Nexus can trigger approval workflows for over-budget spending. Property managers can see how much of their budget they’ve spent so far and schedule work more cost-effectively. No more “submit and pray for approval” on invoices.


The NexusPayments application can save 50% of your time managing payments by automating every aspect of supplier payments. It connects directly to your corporate bank accounts and issues payments on your behalf. No holds or interest is charged.
Manually writing, processing, and sending checks can cost thousands of dollars every month. There are the printer costs (toner, paper, hardware), the human cost of processing, and the postal costs. Some estimates put it at approximately $11 per paper check, and with Nexus, you can save up to 40% of your payment costs. Plus, you can earn cash back rebates by paying suppliers with the Nexus Virtual Card.
Yes, Nexus provides suppliers with the industry-leading self-service portal, NexusConnect. Suppliers just log in to the application, and they can view payment status, history, associated invoice(s), and other related details. They’ll always be able to see when their payment is scheduled, sent, processed, etc.

There are many:

  • Lowers your payments costs – By automating your vendor payments with Nexus, AP payment costs often drop by 40% because you don’t have to pay for printers, postage, ink, and many other expenses associated with getting checks out the door.
  • Saves time – Nexus customers report they shaved off 50% of their time over manual payment processing because documentation and approvals are centralized and online – and any action only requires a few clicks to complete.
  • Increases security – Electronic payments, such as Nexus virtual card and ACH, are far more secure than checks (see below).
  • Increases visibility for both you and your suppliers – Payment status is visible online 24/7 in NexusConnect.

Nexus will pay suppliers on your behalf using Nexus Virtual Card, ACH, or paper check. Virtual card is the fastest and most secure method of the three and can generate rebates that can cover licensing fees. Nexus processes the payments immediately; it doesn’t use a sweep account to centralize the funds.

Nexus initiates payments to your suppliers as soon as you have approved them for disbursement. We don’t hold on to the funds, or put them in set-aside accounts.  Secure electronic payments are in suppliers’ hands in just a few days. Check payments are mailed the following business day.

Yes, both are far more secure than checks. Of the three, virtual cards are the most secure method.

Per the Association of Financial Professionals, in 2020 virtual cards made up only 3% of targeted payment fraud, while checks clocked in at 74%. The AFP also says 33% of financial professionals reported that their organization’s ACH payments were subject to fraud/fraud attempts.*

*2020 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey – Companion Webinar.


Yes, you’ll be able to manage vendors easily through our industry-leading self-service portal NexusConnect, which reduces the amount of time you spend on vendor communications by 75%. Suppliers can upload their invoices directly to NexusConnect and stay updated on the status of their invoices. They can also track all their payments and compare them to invoice 24/7. They don’t need to reach out to you to ask, “When can I expect payment?” or “Did you receive my invoice?”Or, “Can you help me reconcile this payment?”