Love ‘em or hate ‘em, IT plays a big role in accounts payable automation projects.

Lack of internal IT resources is one of the biggest barriers preventing organizations from automating their invoice processing, per the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM).  

women-1209678_640.jpgThis is no surprise when you consider that 60 percent of the average IT department’s time is spent “keeping the lights on,” Accenture reports.  Activities such as user support, system upkeep, and security and compliance leave no time for onerous system implementations and integrations.  

The integration of an accounts payable solution with legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and general ledger (GL) platforms is especially daunting for organizations with scant IT resources.

Integration with legacy ERP and GL systems is the top feature that organizations look for in an accounts payable solution. But many semi-automated accounts payable solutions put the onus of integrating the technology with downstream systems on the organization’s IT department.   

Organizations cannot let limited IT resources hold back their automation efforts.  Relying on manual or semi-automated accounts payables processes results in fragmented systems and processes, costly manual data entry for posting and reconciliation, limited visibility, errors and duplicate payments, and time and resource-draining workarounds such as back-and-forth emails and paper shuffling.

Cloud-based accounts payable solutions enable organizations to overcome their limited IT resources.  

Cloud-based accounts payable solutions are seamlessly integrated with legacy systems such as ERP and GL platforms, without requiring material changes to existing systems or processes.  

Seamlessly integrating electronic payments with an ERP or GL system (rather than “talking” to the ERP or GL system through the output of flat files) provides significant benefits:

  • Minimizes the need for initial and ongoing IT support.
  • Shortens the learning curve through a familiar, easy to use operating environment.
  • Eliminates potential invoice-payment bottlenecks
  • Tightens security between the invoice-payment solution and the ERP platform.

Cloud-based solutions also provide users with peace of mind that they are always using the latest version of software, with the most current security safeguards, with minimal IT involvement.

Don’t let limited IT resources hold back your accounts payable automation efforts. Contact Nexus to learn how easy it is to deploy our fully automated solutions.  


5 Reasons to embrace full AP automation cover image.png Is your Accounts Payable fully automated? 

Learn why semi-automated and manual AP processing:

Costs too much
Takes too long
Creates too many errors
Provides inadequate visibility
Stresses vendor and supplier relationships

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