Paymode-X Integrates with Your Accounting System

Paymode-X easily connects to your ERP or accounting system and lets you make payments to your suppliers securely

Paymode-X Connects with More than 100 ERPs

Connecting Is Seamless

Paymode-X offers a number of options for integrating your ERP with the Paymode-X portal, where you’ll send your B2B and B2C payments. Data is transmitted back and forth easily, with your ERP remaining your system of record.

ERP Connector

Using a pre-built, secure connector, schedule or synchronize your invoice and payment data to and from your ERP as needed.

Data Transmission

Set up the file transmission procedures once, then automate delivering files in the format that works best for your company.


Utilize published unified APIs to connect your ERP to Paymode-X, and then automate the transmission of payment data.

Extend the Value of Your ERP with Paymode-X AP Automation

Paymode-X makes it easy to automate the entire invoice-to-pay process.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Paymode-X takes manual steps out of your payment and invoice processes. Most customers slash their processing costs in half as a result. Our intuitive interface lets you pay suppliers with a click, quickly access a broad range of data on all payments, rebates and suppliers and ultimately close your books faster.

Supercharge Your Rebates

Paymode-X gives you cash-back rebates on every virtual card and Premium ACH payment, generating up to 50% more than what you’d get with any competing solution. That’s money that can go toward growth initiatives or paying down the cost of your ERP.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Paymode-X protects every payment with cutting-edge, layered security, so you have peace of mind and zero fraud threat. Utilizing digital identity verification, layered multi-factor authentication and behavioral analytics, Paymode-X secures your payments and your suppliers against fraud.