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The benefits of integrating MRI Software and Nexus Systems

MRI offers business management software solutions to the global property management and investment industries. As an MRI Preferred Partner, Nexus Systems provides a seamless integration for accounting teams to digitally manage each aspect of the procurement process, including on-site purchasing, purchase orders, sophisticated approval workflow, invoice data capture, budget and actuals comparisons, vendor compliance, and comprehensive reporting. The integration provides a secure, paperless, and automatic two-way data exchange to boost productivity and streamline processes in Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate.

MRI integration with Nexus Systems

MRI Integration Specifics

The integration between NexusPayables and MRI is built using the MRI IRES API (Application Programming Interface) and includes five data points. NexusPayables leverages MRI’s API service as a fully-automated, web-based platform to read and ingest data seamlessly between systems. The data points included in the integration are:

  • Vendors – The integration supports new vendor data transfers as well as updates to existing vendor data loaded into NexusPayables.
  • Budgets – A single budget amount in NexusPayables is tied to an entity, a GL account, and a Fiscal Period. Budget data is inserted or overwritten in the Nexus budget table.
  • Actuals – Nexus pulls year to date data and actuals are overwritten each time an integration process runs.
  • Payments – AP Payment information is read and passed from MRI to NexusPayables.
  • Invoices – Securely pass and track AP invoices from NexusPayables to MRI with confidence.
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