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The benefits of integrating RealPage and Nexus 

Nexus is proudly recognized as a member of the RealPage Exchange AppPartner Program. Customers of RealPage can experience the ultimate solution for their Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate needs, from property management to accounts payable automation. Combine your general ledger with NexusPayables for a comprehensive application for expense management, visibility, efficiency and cost savings.

integrating real page and nexus systems

RealPage Integration Specifics

NexusPayables leverages RealPage API’s (Application Programming Interface) to process inbound and outbound data from the following five data points:

  • Vendors – The integration supports new vendor data transfers as well as updates to existing vendor data loaded into Nexus.
  • Budgets – Nexus reads and loads budget data from RealPage and can be inserted/overwritten in Nexus budget table. A single budget amount in Nexus is tied to a location, a GL account, and a fiscal period.
  • Payments – If an invoice is paid in RealPage, Nexus will associate the payment information to the invoice in the payment history section of NexusPayables.
  • Actuals – Read financial period activity and balance summary information from RealPage in the NexusPayables database.
  • Invoices – Securely pass and track AP invoices from NexusPayables to RealPage with confidence.
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