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The benefits of integrating Yardi and Nexus

Bring your Commercial Real Estate and Multifamily front office and back office together with NexusPayables, a member of Yardi Standard Interface Partnership Program (SIPP). By syncing the two interfaces, enjoy increased accuracy on budgets and forecasting, manage costs, and automate payment processing.

yardi and nexus systems integration

Yardi Integration Specifics

The integration between NexusPayables and Yardi provides a fully-automated, web-based platform to read and ingest data seamlessly between systems. The five data points included in this integration are:

  • Vendors – The integration supports new vendor data transfers as well as updates to existing vendor data loaded into Nexus.
  • Payments – Nexus reads and ingests AP payment data to make payments a collaborative effort.
  • Budgets – A single budget amount in NexusPayables is tied to an entity, a GL account, and a Fiscal Period. Budget data is inserted or overwritten in the Nexus budget table.
  • Actuals – Read financial period activity and balance summary information from Yardi in the NexusPayables database.
  • Invoice – Securely pass and track AP invoices from NexusPayables to Yardi with confidence.


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