Keep Invoices on Track – Get AP Automation Software with an Invoice Approval App

August 2, 2022

4 min read

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AP automation software has become critical for AP teams to process invoices efficiently, quickly, and with far more visibility.

But what happens when your AP team isn’t at their computer?

Many software companies have an app that lets the AP team manage invoice processing tasks from their phone, whether they’re visiting a job site, doing a property walk-through, or waiting for a flight.

Here’s what you should look for in an invoice approval app.

Ensure Invoice Approval App Uses Your Pre-configured Settings & Setup

The app should pull in all the same permissions and approval workflows from the desktop version of the AP automation software it complements. There shouldn’t be any special set up needed.

Once a user is signed into the app, they should be able to quickly view how many invoices await their approval. Then, when looking at a particular invoice, every detail should be visible in the same place, including:

  • full header information
  • audit trail/history
  • related attachments
  • how it compares to budget

The user should then be able to approve or reject the invoice with a tap or even skip it if need be and move on to the next.

You can easily see how many invoices await approval with the Nexus OnTheGo invoice approval app. 

Nexus’s invoice approval app, OnTheGo, gives you all that invoice visibility and lets you keep them moving along – at anytime, from anywhere.

Look for Delegation Functionality Within the Invoice Approval App

Life happens. Invoice approvers might need to hand their invoices off to another employee for a designated period of time (because of vacation, leave of absence, reassignment, etc.). And it’s handy to be able to do so on a mobile device.

Some apps accommodate this by letting employees send invoices back to the AP team, or the previous approver, with an accompanying “return” note. Other invoice approval apps allow users to set up, manage, and track these hand-offs through delegation functionality.

With the Nexus OnTheGo app, an employee can assign someone else as the reviewer in their place, and designate start and end dates for the arrangement. They can deactivate delegations from the app as well.

Set up Invoice Delegations with Invoice Approval App
You can quickly set up and manage approval delegations in the OnTheGo invoice approval app.

Tackle Other AP Tasks in the App, like Creating e-POs

Some invoice approval apps provide additional functionality beyond approving invoices. They also let authorized users create and send electronic purchase orders to suppliers.

Requesting what one needs on the spot (say, when a maintenance tech is doing a repair) is far easier than scribbling down notes or trying to remember what was needed later on in the day. If the invoice approval app lets the employee attach photos to add clarity and detail to the e-PO, even better.

With NexusOnTheGo, authorized users can create e-POs from scratch, from a template, or from a previous order.

Tackle Other AP Tasks in the invoice approval app, like creating e-POs
Some invoice approval apps, like Nexus OnTheGo, let users create electronic purchase orders on the fly and send them directly to suppliers. No need to be in front of a computer.

Create Lists with Your App

Invoice approval apps sometimes also let Property Managers, Leasing Specialists, and others create custom item lists with favorites or frequently ordered items. So, the app might include a list for a Two-Bedroom Unit Turn and another list for VIP Welcome Kit, including quantity and unit prices for each item.

With a few clicks, the employee can create e-POs from these lists, and get the ball rolling on their needed items ASAP. They can also quickly re-order the same items any time without re-entering everything again.

With the Nexus OnTheGo app, you can even generate separate e-POs for each distinct vendor from one central list.

Invoice Approval App: Productivity in the Bag (And in Your Pocket)

It’s true that what you can do in an invoice approval app is typically the same as what you can do in the desktop version of the AP automation software. But the app gives you and your employees more options and flexibility for keeping invoices on track and suppliers satisfied. And, since you can count on always having some employees “on-the-road”, “in-the-field” or “working-from-elsewhere”, options are a great thing to have.