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Control purchases, invoices, and payments

Nexus AP Automation and Payments is built for Multifamily companies – big or small.

Digitize Every Step of Your AP Process​

With Nexus Accounts Payable Automation & Payments Software, multifamily AP teams can “go electronic” overnight and eliminate all the paper-based processes that weigh down their Accounts Payable. Companies realize average time and cost savings of:

Less Time on Invoice Capture
Less Time on Invoice Approvals
Less Time on Managing Payments
Reduction in Cost of Processing Payments

Nexus supports multiple General Ledger integrations, letting you manage and pay invoices on time – with all your data synced.

Never Miss an

Push invoice submission to suppliers. They can submit pre-coded invoices to your NexusPayables account using API or by uploading them to the portal, NexusConnect, for guaranteed delivery. Just review and approve.

Eliminate Budget and Job Cost Surprises

Know what’s open and what hasn’t hit the books with near real-time budgeting info synced from your GL. Plus, you can pull in job cost data to accurately code purchase orders and invoices for construction and other big projects.

Reduce Costs,
While Reducing Time

Generate electronic POs to track purchases, and then match POs to invoices and receipts. Plus, embed supplier catalogs within Nexus to centralize spending and capture negotiated discounts.

Nexus AP Automation Is Used by These Multifamily Real Estate Companies

Nexus Modules for Multifamily Real Estate


Process invoices in less time – and with complete visibility.

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Order products using supplier catalogs hosted in your AP platform.

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Purchase Orders

Generate e-POs and route to approvers before purchasing.

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Let suppliers code, upload and track their invoices.

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Pay suppliers electronically, directly from your GL.

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Job Costing

Import contract, job, and project costs on invoices & POs.

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You’ll Keep Your System(s) of Record & Enjoy Automatic Sync with Nexus AP Automation Software

Nexus passes invoice data automatically to your GL, while budgets, actuals, vendors and other data flow seamlessly into Nexus. You’ll have the context you need to approve invoices and manage your AP. ​

Nexus AP automation software integrates with over 30 property management systems, giving you all the data you need to manage invoices, payments, and procurement expertly. Nexus imports/exports the data automatically, while your property management system(s) remain the system of record.

Plus, Nexus can integrate with many third-party software applications using its open APIs.

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