Nexus and MRI Software Expand Partnership to Include Supplier Payments

Mutual Nexus and MRI Customers Save Keystrokes and Gain Efficiencies with Nexus’ embedded solution

MRI customers can work without interruption – and without switching screens – to pay their suppliers using checks, ACH, or Nexus Virtual Card. They can also pay on their terms, and decide when they want to pay their vendors, all with a few keystrokes.

“This is a huge advantage for our joint customers,” said Thomas Coolidge, Nexus CEO. “MRI customers will be able to retain complete control of their supplier payments and be able to view them every step of the way, from invoice to payment — in just one place.”

MRI customers can already use the Nexus AP automation platform to procure products and services from online supplier catalogs, create electronic purchase orders, as well as manage, approve, and track invoices.

Nexus automates the entire process from purchase order to payment in one platform

By adding NexusPayments, MRI customers will enjoy an even greater view of their everyday spend, as well as benefit from cash back rebates (when paying with Virtual Card) and greater efficiencies. For example, Nexus pulls data, including supplier name, contact details, and other information, directly from MRI, eliminating manual uploads and time-consuming data entry. Nexus also provides easy-to-use reconciliation information, so AP managers always know who was paid and which payment method was used.

“Our integration with Nexus is very smooth and goes far beyond one system talking to another system,” said John Ensign, President and Chief Legal Officer of MRI Software. “MRI’s Partner Connect program offers our mutual clients a truly integrated solution that saves them keystrokes and provides access to all the data they need.”

Coolidge noted that NexusPayments is ideal for real estate companies because the solution is bank agnostic, enabling MRI customers to keep their existing banking relationships that are already used to pay suppliers. Nexus can automatically and securely debit those accounts. It can also provide visibility into every transaction, with a full audit trail.

Furthermore, suppliers have said they prefer NexusPayments over others because it provides a portal where they can easily check the status of their payments, view comprehensive reconciliation data, and get acknowledgement of invoice receipt.

“NexusPayments is a true asset for MRI customers and their suppliers. We’re so pleased to be an Elite MRI partner,” Coolidge added.

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