Nexus Automated Payments Solution Lets Suppliers View Their Payments 24/7

August 9, 2022

4 min read

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Many AP automation/automated payment solutions can pay suppliers – on their clients’ behalf – using electronic methods, like ACH and virtual card payments. But many don’t provide suppliers with real-time visibility about the status of their payments, much less the details. So, the supplier is left in the dark about when they’ll get paid.

Nexus doesn’t believe a “black hole” is good for buyers or suppliers.

Thus, Nexus’s self-service portal, NexusConnect, lets suppliers enroll in reliable, quick, and safe e-payments and also track them 24-7. AP teams say this portal has reduced the phone calls they receive from suppliers inquiring about payment status by 75%. Naturally, this makes it popular with buyers and suppliers alike.

Here’s how suppliers can use NexusConnect and view their payments.

Suppliers View Payments Using Nexus’ Automated Payment Solution

Once suppliers have set up their NexusConnect account, they can log in to the portal at anytime to view their payments. On the “Payments Received” page, they can see all funds sent through Nexus, adjusting the date range as necessary to view both historical and recent payments.

From this same screen, they can also double check what payment type was used– whether it was Nexus Virtual Card, ACH, or outsourced Nexus check. They can also see the customer who paid them, as well as the associated invoice (or invoices) for each payment.

In the Payment Details column, suppliers can find all the necessary details for processing a Nexus Virtual Card, including:

  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • Card Verification Value (CVV)

Suppliers then just process their Nexus Virtual Cards just as they would any regular credit card.

From this same Payments Received page, suppliers can also filter virtual cards by status to know which are processed, unprocessed, expired, returned, etc.

Suppliers Log in to NexusConnect to View Virtual Card Payments (Plus Other Payment Types)

Should suppliers get paid through NexusDirect, Nexus’s straight through processing solution, there will be an additional status option – “Processing”.  Any virtual card with this status is currently being deposited directly into the supplier’s specified bank account (suppliers don’t need to enter any card data into a POS with NexusDirect payments, it’s done for them automatically).

Suppliers Get Payments Updates Via Email, Too

Suppliers receive automatic email notifications about Nexus Virtual Card and ACH payments as well (these come from This is just another way to ensure suppliers are in the know about their payments.

The virtual card payment emails include all the details the supplier needs to process the card, plus the remittance information needed for reconciliation. Nexus will send reminder emails, should the card(s) remain unprocessed.

Suppliers should add to their safe sender list to guarantee delivery of these emails.

email notifications include virtual card payments and all the information needed to processes them

Suppliers Can Easily Receive Electronic Payments from Other Nexus Customers as Well

Once they’re NexusConnect users, suppliers can quickly and easily sign up to receive Nexus Virtual Card from more of their customers who use NexusPayments.

All suppliers need to do is:

  • Go to the Connections page in NexusConnect and look at who’s on the “Suggestions” tab
  • If there are any new customers listed, click “Send request” to connect with them
  • Keep an eye out for an email from letting them know the connection request has been accepted by their customer. This email will include details on how to opt in to electronic payments from these newly connected customers

Once connected, suppliers can also send invoices through NexusConnect for guaranteed delivery to their connected customers’ NexusPayables account(s).

receive electronic payments from other Nexus customers easily with our automated payment solution

Nexus Supplier Support Is Available to Help

Suppliers can always reach out to the Nexus Supplier Support team with any questions about their Nexus payments. While emailed support requests generally receive a faster response, the Supplier Support team can also be reached via phone.

Suppliers can also include a phone number in their email to Supplier Support if they would prefer a phone call back.