Say goodbye to paper invoices and uncontrolled spend
with AP Automation software built
for Multifamily Real Estate

The Nexus AP Automation & Payments software difference is clear

After automating invoicing, procurement, and vendor payments, Nexus clients generally realize the following time and cost savings over paper-based processes.

Invoice Savings

Payments Savings

Administrative Savings

Procurement Savings


Less time on invoice capture


Less time on invoice reviews
& approvals


Less time on payment processing


Reduction in cost of processing payments


Less time on reporting


Less time communicating with suppliers


Less time on procurement activities


Reduction in
over-budget spending

Based on interviews of Nexus clients, collected by market research company, Hobson & Co.

As residents come and go, manage invoices, purchase orders, and payments with ease

Centralize & Digitize

Capture invoices and electronically route to approvers – all in one place. Set up automated alerts so reviewers can act quickly – and process invoices faster. Automate vendor payments, too.

Significantly Boost Accuracy
& Transparency

View who touched an invoice, approved it for payment, and when/how it was paid. Comments, images, and back-up documentation for each invoice are searchable. Job costing info can also be included.

Control Spending & Compare to Budget

Embed supplier catalogs directly into Nexus software and require users to generate an electronic PO for review before expenses are incurred. Match POs to invoices and even receipts. Compare to budget.

Nexus complements Capital One Commercial Banking services by letting you:

  • Automate dozens of manual processes, which can shave hours off your week.
  • Communicate electronically, instead of pushing paper.
  • Control spend and maximize profitability.

Pick the Nexus modules you need

Using just a few clicks, AP teams can buy goods and services, send electronic purchase orders, manage and approve invoices, and track job costs – all from the same Nexus software platform. They can also manage, vet, and pay their suppliers electronically. Nexus has modules for your end-to-end processes. The software integrates with your system of record, too.

Catalog Purchase
Invoicing Job
Reporting Payments Supplier

Give suppliers instant access to invoice & payment status

Suppliers can log in to the NexusConnect self-service portal to view invoice and payments status. They’ll see:

  • ​Whether invoices are approved, rejected, on-hold, or paid
  • Every payment they’ve received through NexusConnect, the method of payment, and whether they have processed or not processed each virtual card
  • The invoice(s) associated with each payment

About Nexus

Included in
the Inc. 5000

45 million real estate invoices have been processed through Nexus AP automation software

45 million

processed on behalf of real estate companies, per Nexus data.

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