Automated Accounts Payable system

Get Straight Through Processing

NexusDirect payments are built for small-to-midsize suppliers who want straight through processing and the security of Nexus Virtual Cards.

NexusDirect straight through processing powered by Chase

Give up Checks. Get an Easy, Cost-Effective, Secure Payment Method.

Tired of processing checks?​ Worried about fraud?​ Want faster payment?​

NexusDirect straight through processing is a proven, quick way to get paid (it’s far faster than check or ACH payments). It’s cost-effective too because there’s no lost time tracking down AP teams or running to the bank.​

Powered by JP Morgan Chase, NexusDirect pays you with virtual cards – but all the processing is done for you. It’s ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses who want to save time on AR.

Receive Payment Quickly

​Once Nexus customers have approved payment, you’ll receive the funds directly in your bank account in days.
Should you have a Chase bank account, you’ll see the money same day.
No more waiting by the mailbox for checks to arrive.​

Buyer Approves Payment

NexusDirect Payment Initiated & Virtual Card Sent

Get Funds in Bank Account

(Same day if you bank with Chase)

No Invoice Is Too Large or Too Small

Since NexusDirect launched in 2021, suppliers have received payment for invoices from $10 to $50K, deposited directly into their bank account.

Gain Security

NexusDirect payments are issued on Nexus Virtual Card.​

Virtual cards are incredibly secure because each card number is unique and is issued to cover a specific invoice or set of invoices.

Virtual cards made up only 3% of targeted payment fraud versus 66% of checks according to the 2022 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey

no POS needed with straight through processing with NexusDirect

Start Accepting Today. No POS or Equipment Needed.

You don’t need any extra equipment or a POS system to accept NexusDirect straight through processing, because there’s no keying of card data on your end.​

It’s all done on your behalf. So, it’s true Straight Through Processing.

Plus, since there’s no Point of Sale to worry about, there are no transaction limits.

View Transactions Online

View all NexusDirect transactions online. Just log in to NexusConnect and you’ll see all your payment transactions – and their status (Processed, Processing, Unprocessed). ​​

You can even see the associated invoice number and date, line item description, and location.

view NexusDirect straight through processing transactions online
NexusDirect Straight Through Processes has low fixed fees

Pay Consistent Fees

You pay a low, fixed fee for each NexusDirect transaction.​

These are often far more competitive than standard credit card rates.​

Become a Preferred Supplier

Because they’re so easy to issue, many Nexus customers prefer NexusDirect payments.

By accepting this payment method, you can become a go-to supplier, increase repeat business, and even scale your customer base. ​

Use Straight Through Processing with NexusDirect

NexusDirect Straight Through Processing – FAQ

Straight through processing (STP) refers to payments received without any manual intervention. It speeds up financial transactions.

STP lets you receive payments faster and eliminate manual payment processing. It also increases payment security since STP sends payments via secure Virtual Cards. Straight through processing also provides greater visibility since it allows you to track all payments online.

NexusDirect straight through processing is a good fit for those who don’t have a point-of-sale system (and/or don’t want to invest in one). All payment processing is done on your behalf.

It’s easy. Visit the Nexus Supplier Self-service page and, when you see the popup appear, just click “Complete form”. Input your details and, from there, Nexus will contact you and help you enroll.