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Nexus Event Calendar

Check out the upcoming events Nexus will attend/host.

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming events:

September 28 – 30
Las Vegas, NV

October 17 – 20
Dallas, TX

October 23 – 26
New Orleans, LA

November 01 – 03
Las Vegas, NV

Nexus User Conference 2023 (Coming Soon!)

Make sure to attend the next Nexus User Conference (NUC) in early 2023, a once-a-year opportunity for Nexus users like you to gather with Nexus staff, peers, and industry experts for three days of interactive training sessions, best practice sharing, and networking. ​​See pictures from the last NUC.

Follow us on LinkedIn to hear how and when you can register for the next NUC.​​

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