Fast AP Automation Implementation

NexusFastStart is Ready in 10 Hours

With NexusFastStart, you can bypass complex software integrations for a fast AP automation implementation. You’ll get a “lite” version of NexusPayables and NexusConnect to receive, process, approve, and submit invoices for payment – all electronically. ​Plus, you’ll enjoy complete visibility into your budgets, actuals, and vendor data, directly from your Yardi or MRI general ledger.

When you’re ready, you can easily upgrade to the full Nexus platform or customize FastStart to gain even more efficiencies. 

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Do All Your AP Tasks from Home with NexusFastStart

In NexusPayables, view how invoices compare to  budgets and actuals – before routing for approvals.

Process Invoices Accurately and Efficiently

Once invoices are in NexusPayables, just code a few fields and hit send. With NexusFastStart workflows, invoices will be automatically routed to the right approver for their OK – and then submitted electronically to your GL for payment processing.

All your budgets, actuals, and vendor data will flow to NexusPayables directly from your Yardi or MRI general ledger. So you’re never flying blind about how your spend compares to budget.

Receive Invoices from Suppliers – All Electronically

Suppliers can send you invoices through the online supplier portal, NexusConnect. They just upload their invoice, fill in a few fields, and the invoice is sent directly to your account in NexusPayables for processing. You can then approve or reject the invoice, plus correct any data the supplier provided.

If your suppliers don’t want to use NexusConnect, no problem. FastStart customers may also receive invoices via email or mail. Or they may even have Nexus upload their invoices to their accounts for them – for an extra cost.

In NexusConnect, suppliers can view invoice statuses – approved, rejected, returned, pending approval, and on hold.

We’ll check against the OFAC list to ensure you can lawfully transact with suppliers​.

Vet Suppliers Before Transacting

You’ll need to approve suppliers before they can send you invoices on NexusConnect. You can either send them an invite code or they can request a connection. NexusConnect will also automatically vet suppliers to see if they are who they say they are by:

  • Validating their identity
  • Checking to make sure they are not on the OFAC terrorist watch list

Enjoy Spend Analytics and Reporting

You’ll maintain full visibility into the lifecycle and status of invoices using system reports such as Aged Invoice Detail, Duplicate Invoices, Invoices by Days Outstanding, and Invoices Pending Approval. Plus, compare where you stand with budgets and actuals in a matter of clicks. Use the flexible self-service report-builder to generate reports that provide additional business insight.

Upload supplier catalogs directly into your AP platform to make compliant purchasing second nature for all employees.

Bypass Complex Software Integrations

We’ll do all the legwork for a fast AP automation implementation so you can start working remotely. Nexus will:

  • Implement the lite versions of NexusPayables and NexusConnect
  • Integrate standardized fields with your Yardi or MRI GL to push and pull data
  • Set up 5 proven FastStart approval workflows for invoice routing

Upgrade Easily

After FastStart implementation, enhance your Nexus platform with customizations and features to further increase AP efficiencies (for an extra cost). Add:

  • Customized integration fields with your GL
  • Additional Nexus platform modules, including Purchase Orders, Job Costing, Insurance Tracking, and Procurement Catalog to increase efficiencies

You can also add NexusPayments, wherein Nexus pays your suppliers electronically, and pulls the money directly from your bank accounts for easy and accurate reconciliation.

Get Ongoing Support and Training

You’ll have free, easy-to-follow videos and training at your fingertips. Plus, there’s technical support, whenever you need help.

$6,000 for year one*. No payment for 90 days

*Restrictions apply

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