Say Goodbye to Paper Invoices and Checks

with AP Automation and payments software built for Commercial Real Estate

AP Automation for CRE

Digitize Every Step of Your AP Process​

With Nexus Accounts Payable Automation & Payments Software, AP teams can “go electronic” overnight and eliminate all the paper-based processes that weigh down their Accounts Payable, from procurement to payment. Companies realize average time and cost savings of:

Less Time
on Invoice
Less Time Communicating
with Suppliers
Less Time
on Managing
in Payment
Processing Costs

Based on interviews of Nexus clients, collected by market research company, Hobson & Co.

Expertly Manage Invoice Review & Approvals

Nexus pulls in budgets, actuals, and vendor information directly from your GL, so you can review and approve invoices with the history and perspective you need.

Plus, with AP automation you can set up automated workflows to route invoices to the next approver, based on the invoice amount, over-budget amount,, property location, and other criteria. Change workflows whenever you want.

Plus, get an audit trail to see who touched an invoice and when.

Pay Easily & Securely with NexusPayments

Add NexusPayments to pay invoices in just a few clicks.​

Once invoices are approved and ready-to-pay, just batch them in your GL and send through to NexusPayments.

Nexus will debit your bank accounts and pay your suppliers with secure electronic payment methods, including the widely accepted Nexus Virtual Card.

You’ll be able to track all payments online and see the associated invoice.

Pull Daily, Monthly, and Year-end Reports Using Near Real-time Data

Run your day-to-day operations better and easily analyze:

  • Budgets
  • Invoices
  • Job Costs
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipts
  • Utilities
  • Suppliers
  • Invoice Payments
  • GL Details
  • Vendor History
Thousands of suppliers across the US accept virtual cards through Nexus AP Payments Software.

You can use pre-built reports or build your own self-service reports using drag and drop functionality to select fields and organize information.

You can also pull invoices and their associated images to send to shareholders, the bank, or others. Generate them with just a few clicks. Sort by vendor, date, or other parameters.

Pick the Nexus modules You Need

Using just a few clicks, AP teams can buy goods and services, send electronic purchase orders, manage and approve invoices, and track job costs – all from the same software platform. They can also manage, vet, and pay their suppliers electronically. Nexus has modules for your end-to-end process. The software integrates with your system of record, too.


“NexusPayables has streamlined our AP process, making our reporting functions easier for us because, at the drop of a hat, we can run a report on a vendor, on a series of invoices, or dig down into our electricity utility, etc. The functions there are endless.”

Stephanie Watts – Accounts Payable Supervisor, EDENS

Nexus Complements JPMorgan Chase Services by Letting You:

  • Automate dozens of manual processes, which can shave hours off your week.
  • Communicate electronically, instead of pushing paper.
  • Control spend and maximize profitability.

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