Dallas, TX (June 27, 2006) Nexus Systems won the prestigious “Digie Award” from RealComm for “Most Innovative Technology in Real Estate Transactions”. The Digie Award is Real Estate’s highest recognition for technologies that have a lasting positive impact on the industry. Digie Award winners in the past have included Google, Costar, Yardi, and a host of other leading technology firms, in addition to leading Real Estate companies that have led the industry in implementing technology solutions.

It is a great honor for Nexus Systems to win this award in 2006. We are humbled by being recognized by the industry as a whole in our pursuit of creating efficiencies by automating the invoicing process. The real award should be given to our clients, without whose passion for this technology and whose partnership we would not have been able to get where we are today. On behalf of the Nexus Team and all the Nexus clients, I thank RealComm for this honor“, stated Tom Runyon, Vice President of Sales at Nexus Systems.

About The RealComm Digie Awards
Transforming a real estate company into a digital model is an ambitious goal. Some firms have embraced this change and each year Realcomm recognizes these innovators in our industry with the prestigious “Digie” Award (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards).

About Nexus Systems, LLC.
Nexus Systems, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a leading business process software company specializing in payables management solutions. Our software product, NexusPayables, automates the payables process by e-invoicing, scanning, electronic approval routing and PO & invoice management. Nexus Systems solutions are in use by companies that want the efficiency, flexibility and cost savings associated with the automation of business management processes. More information on Nexus Systems can be found at www.nexussystems.com

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