Supplier Management at Your Fingertips

Self-Service Portal

Supplier management doesn’t have to be a challenge. Give your vendors and suppliers a self-service portal to accelerate invoicing and payments. With just a few clicks, they can upload invoices, receive/accept POs, and manage compliance documentation.

Empower your suppliers with the self-service tools available in NexusConnect.

Suppliers can easily view and accept purchase orders, or reject them and add notes as to why.

Suppliers can quickly view and accept or reject purchase orders you send to them online.

Improve the Buyer-Supplier Relationship

Eliminate all the back and forth calls and emails.

Suppliers can communicate about invoices and POs on screen and add notes. Plus, all documents are available whenever you need to reference them.

Keep Track of Information in One Place

With NexusConnect, get a centralized location to transact with your suppliers.

No more scrolling through email chains.

One portal provides answers for both you and your suppliers. Plus, all the documents submitted – from purchase orders to invoices – are easily visible in a dashboard.

The NexusConnect online portal lets suppliers know the status of the invoices they've sent to you.

In a glance, see whether invoices are delivered, paid, or returned.

Free Up Your Teams

By enabling suppliers to self-service 24/7, you can shift your AP team away from spending 80% of their time answering suppliers’ emails and calls to higher-value activities, like reporting and spend analysis.

With supplier management tools, AP staff don't have to handle supplier inquiries. Instead, they can dedicate themselves to other initiatives.

80% time spent handling suppliers VS  80% time spent on higher value activities

Eliminate the time your team spends answering supplier inquires.

80% time handling suppliers

The Nexus supplier management portal lets suppliers self-service, so your staff can focus on other value-add tasks.

80% time dedicated to higher value activities

Pay Suppliers More Efficiently

Add NexusPayments, and you can eliminate the hundreds of man-hours spent on writing checks.

Suppliers will be able to view payment status just by logging in to NexusConnect.

Plus, they’ll be able to view payment method, delivery date, and settlement date.

Quit cutting checks and start issuing all your supplier payments electronically.

Easily Expand Software to Include More Functionality

NexusConnect is one part of the Nexus Procure-to-Pay Platform.

NexusConnect is your one stop shop for supplier management.