Get Ahead of Vendor Payments and Invoices with NexusOne


Get Started Fast

Get Started Fast

Simple & Cost-free Transition:

Launch invoice automation and vendor payments fast and you can lower licensing fees to $0. Restrictions apply.

With Nexus invoice automation and vendor payments, you’ll get everything you need to cut your invoice processing time in half. Plus, eliminate the calls about, “When should I expect payment?”.

1# Free & Easy Invoice Ingestion
Get invoices into Nexus software quickly. Suppliers can upload invoices in NexusConnect for guaranteed delivery to your Nexus account. Or they can email them to Nexus.
2# Electronic Invoice Routing
Just code invoices & route them for approval(s) automatically. Approvers are alerted instantly.
3# Automatic Sync with System of Record
Once approved, invoices are synced with your property management system.
4# Easy Vendor Payments
Whenever you’re ready, simply send your payments file to Nexus and we’ll pay suppliers on your behalf.

Free & Easy Invoice Ingestion- Give Suppliers 24/7 Visibility Into Invoice Status​

In your NexusPayables dashboard, you will see the invoices that need processing, along with any other to-dos.

Electronic Invoice Routing, Do Everything Online – All in One Place

Just send the payments from your GL to Nexus to process your AP payments

Code and route invoices to approvers using just a few clicks. Nexus will automatically alert approvers that they need to log in and take action on invoices.

Just send the payments from your GL to Nexus to process your AP payments

NexusOne includes six invoice approval workflows.
Add as many workflows as you need for an additional fee.

Automatic Sync with System of Record
Get the Same Data at Every Touchpoint

Nexus will send all the invoice data directly to your Property Management System or general ledger.

For an additional fee, you can add custom integrations to sync data from your property management system (or any other system).

Electronic Vendor Payments
Pay Suppliers with a Few Clicks and Deliver Payments
on Time

Just send the payments from your GL to Nexus to process your AP payments

Whenever you’re ready, pay your invoices using Nexus AP payments.

From your property management system, batch and send your file of approved invoices to Nexus.

Then, we’ll pay your suppliers with virtual card, ACH, or outsourced Nexus check. Should a supplier have any issues, they can contact us.

Your suppliers will get paid in days. And they can log in to NexusConnect to see payment status.

Enjoy Supplier Onboarding – Included at no Cost

Nexus will tap its large supplier community to find all your vendors who already accept Nexus Virtual Card, a highly secure payment method. We’ll also reach out to the remainder and encourage them to accept it.

Any suppliers that can’t accept a virtual card will be offered another type of e-payment, so you can stop cutting paper checks.

Stop the Paper Chase Now. Grow with Nexus.

With NexusOne invoice automation and vendor payments, you’ll get all the functionality you need to eliminate the paper shuffle, from opening envelopes to cutting paper checks. NexusOne features a suite of modules – Invoice Automation, NexusConnect (supplier self-service), Reporting, Electronic Payments, and Nexus OTG (mobile app).

You can add customizations and additional workflows easily. You can also add other Nexus modules, like Purchase Orders, E-Procurement, and Job Costing. Even upgrade to the full Nexus procure-to-pay platform. ​

Invoice Automation

Supplier Self-Service Portal


Electronic Payments

Mobile App

Purchase Orders


Job Costing

Start the #paperfreelife.

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