Software for Real Estate Spend Management

Tired of Fedexing invoices back and forth between field offices and corporate, or concerned that you’re overpaying for supplies and services? Maybe you’re spending too much time tracking down invoices, and want to maximize early pay discounts?

Try NexusPayables. A SaaS-based spend management solution – designed specifically for real estate – that lets you automate all the steps in the purchasing and invoicing process to save time, spend smarter, and build the relationships that are at the heart of your real estate business. You’ll also be able to scale your business without needing to hire additional employees.

Nexus also integrates seamlessly with your GL.

Decrease invoice and payment processing time by 65%.

Expertly Manage Your Spend

NexusPayables helps companies maximize every dollar by improving visibility into AP processes and eliminating manual errors.

Eliminate Duplicate Payments

Improve Spend Compliance

Reduce Data Entry

Realize More Early Payment Discounts

Improve Purchasing Controls

Automate the PO process to minimize non-compliant spending and purchasing through unapproved suppliers.

Use NexusPayables to host online catalogs of your approved suppliers. Then, enable users company-wide to make purchases using your easy-to-follow, automated PO process. Flip into invoices and send for approvals/payment.

Create electronic POs from online catalog(s)

Route them for approvals

Send approved POs to suppliers for paperless processing

Flip the PO into an invoice with a few clicks

Electronically send for approval

Authorize Payment in your GL

Digitize Invoices and Increase Efficiency

Significantly reduce invoice processing costs by eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

Invoice Capture

Ingest invoices electronically via upload, scanning, or e-invoice (or, let Nexus capture/code invoices for you with a BPO service).

Invoice Validation

Automatically validate/match invoices against data in the integrated GL. Exceptions are automatically routed to the right people based on rules you set.

Invoice Approvals

Instead of walking from desk to desk, click a button to send the invoice to the right approver(s) using your business rules.

Boost Visibility to Improve Performance

With every step automated, spend management is easy. You can track metrics that determine spend effectiveness, including:

  • On-time payment percentage
  • Compliant spend
  • Category spend and volume
  • Spend to supplier ratio
  • Team productivity metrics

Use Both in the Field and at Corporate Offices

NexusPayables is web-based software that can be used on every computer from both corporate and field offices to help manage spend. Field offices can enter and route invoices electronically in seconds. Minimal training is needed.

Easily Expand Software to Include More Functionality

NexusPayables spend management is one part of the Nexus Procure-to-Pay Platform. Easily add NexusConnect to gain additional functionality – supplier management and payments.