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Centralize Your Invoicing and Payments with NexusPayables

At its core, NexusPayables is a centralized repository and management tool for invoices. Use it to receive, digitize, index, route, and approve both your paper and electronic invoices – all in one place. It works seamlessly with your property management system(s), which always remains your system of record.

NexusPayables powers all of Nexus’s solutions:

AP Payments

Ditch paper checks and let Nexus pay your vendors electronically with NexusPayments instead. Cut 40% off your AP payments costs and shave hours from your week.

AP Automation

Capture, process, and review invoices in half the time. Plus, give everyone from property managers to AP employees 24/7 visibility into invoice status. Get started with NexusOne.


Create a PO before purchasing (not after) for greater accountability and transparency. Plus, save about 70% of time spent on procurement. Learn more about our Procure-to-Pay platform.

Adopt Easily

NexusPayables is AP software that’s built for everyone, from property managers to CFOs. No accounting degree needed. Plus, there’s help right in the software. Training is also available.

See Time Savings Immediately

Invoice Savings


Less time on invoice capture


Less time on invoice reviews
& approvals

Eliminate the need to scan, index, and code
invoices. NexusPayables lets you receive invoices in digital format through API, electronic file and direct transfers from suppliers. You’ll also be able to route and approve right within the software.

Administrative Savings


Less time on reporting


Less time communicating with suppliers

Save time by using NexusPayables standard and custom reports for POs, invoices, payments, job costs, and purchases. Plus, enable suppliers to view their invoice status online, and spare you the phone calls.

Keep Your System of Record While Managing Invoices, Payments,
and Procurement in NexusPayables

Nexus works hand-in-hand with the top real estate property management systems/GLs.

  • Budgets and actuals are automatically synced from your GL/Property Management System. As a result, you’ll have the context you need to approve/reject invoices and POs.
  • Send approved invoices – and payments made with NexusPayments – back to your GL.

Set Up Roles in NexusPayables

Control who can touch, view, and process invoices – as well as manage purchase orders (with the Nexus PO module), make purchases (with the Nexus Catalog module), and pay vendors (with NexusPayments). NexusPayables is a role-based software.

Nexus AP payments has no set asides and doesn't hold your funds.

Property Managers

Allow them to easily check invoice & payments status. Plus pull reports about property spend and other relevant topics.

Nexus AP payments has no set asides and doesn't hold your funds.

Invoice Approvers

Approvers ingest, manage, and review invoices (and POs). Then, they can automatically route to other approvers.

Nexus AP payments has no set asides and doesn't hold your funds.

Catalog Users

Enable authorized employees to purchase from embedded online supplier catalogs – with your pre-negotiated rates.

Keep Track of Everything You Need to Do in One Place

Customize NexusPayables dashboard to quickly identify tasks that need action.

Interact Securely & Electronically with Suppliers –
and Shave Hours off Your Week

Nexus AP payments has no set asides and doesn't hold your funds.

Authorize suppliers before they can send invoices to your NexusPayables account.

Suppliers can upload their invoices into NexusConnect – an online supplier self-service portal – and send them directly to your NexusPayables account. Delivery is guaranteed.

Suppliers can also view their invoice and payments status 24-7.

You’ll receive fewer calls about, “Did you receive my invoice?” and even reduce time communicating with suppliers by 75%. Read more.

Looking to Log in to NexusPayables?

Each customer has their own instance of NexusPayables, with its own URL.  Should you need help logging in, please contact your NexusPayables administrator and they can provide you with both your login URL and username/password.