NexusPayables OnTheGo Mobile Invoice Approval

Mobile AP Automation & Invoice Approval 2018-05-02T16:13:21+00:00

The Power of NexusPayables Anywhere at Any Time

NexusPayables OnTheGo is the mobile app connected to your NexusPayables application that provides quick access to mission critical accounts payable data. Users will enjoy numerous conveniences, including the ability to quickly create purchase orders from the field and search for previous transactions, all from the palm of their hand.

With NexusPayables OnTheGo, you can:

  • Approve purchase orders, receipts and invoices
  • Create item lists of frequently purchased items
  • Create purchase orders from scratch, previous POs, a template or an item list
  • Search globally for items and vendors
  • Take and upload pictures
  • Sign in as a delegated user

Additional Features:

  • Compatibility with client SSO integration
  • All role rights and system securities apply from your NexusPayables application

Download NexusPayables OnTheGo for Any Mobile Device