Arlington, VA (December 19, 2005) – Pacific Hospitality Group, part of the Busch Group of companies, has selected Nexus Systems to streamline its invoicing process by using NexusPayables. After thorough analysis and comparing Nexus Systems’ product NexusPayables to other e-invoicing vendors, Pacific selected NexusPayables as the solution that best fit its needs.

Pacific wanted to automate their invoice process to ease the “paper jam” that companies have traditionally lived with in their Accounts Payable Departments. They also wanted to gain absolute control and knowledge of the status of every invoice at all stages of the approval process. One of the added benefits to implementing NexusPayables within Pacific is that they will no longer have to ship all of their paper invoices around the organization for approval. NexusPayables is a strong technological solution that will enable Pacific’s Accounts Payable Department to comfortably handle the increased load as Pacific continues to rapidly grow.

Wade Branning, CFO for Pacific Hospitality states: “At Pacific, we constantly strive to further improve our operating efficiencies – especially as we continue to grow. We believe that automating our Accounts Payable Department will be one of the most valuable areas to see improvement. Based upon our evaluations, we can confidently say that Nexus Systems has the premier e-invoicing product. We are very excited about using NexusPayables and look forward to the efficiencies we will gain from it”.

Thomas Runyon, Sr. Director of Sales for Nexus Systems adds: “Pacific Hospitality is a great example of a forward-thinking company that could best benefit from using NexusPayables. Pacific knew that portfolio growth would bring challenges in the way of sizeable volume increases to their AP. They decided to be proactive in streamlining their invoice approval process rather than wait for the arrival of these challenges. They saw the benefits of e-invoicing versus their manual paper approval method as more economical and time-saving. Pacific switched recently to the latest version of QuickBooks general ledger software that is MS SQL based. With this version, Pacific was able to take advantage of our two-way integration between NexusPayables and QuickBooks providing further benefits to their end users.”

About Pacific HospitalityGroup
Pacific Hospitality Group is an Irvine, California based hotel Development and Management Company that currently is responsible for a portfolio of well recognized and respected hotel brands including Crowne Plaza® and Doubletree® as well as non-branded hotels and resorts in California and Arizona. Pacific Hospitality Group was recently named Developer of the Year by Hilton Hotels Corporation for development of the new Doubletree Hotel in Santa Ana, California.

About Nexus Systems, LLC.
Nexus Systems, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a leading business process software company specializing in payables management solutions. Our software product, NexusPayables, automates the payables process by e-invoicing, scanning, electronic approval routing and PO & invoice management. Nexus Systems solutions are in use by companies that want the efficiency, flexibility and cost savings associated with the automation of business management processes. More information on Nexus Systems can be found at

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