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Your real estate clients look to you for guidance about how to operate more efficiently. Nexus has the tools to help. Our full procure-to-pay solution will expand your offerings, while helping your clients control costs and manage their AP with less cost and time.

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Why Customers Love Nexus

“Great User Functionality”

Overall: Functionality, quickness of processing, and ease of downloading and auditing approval/change flow cannot be beat, would highly recommend
Pros: Ease of using, approving, and reviewing invoices/documents.

Mathew M., Accounts Payable
Overall Rating 5/5

“Makes Ordering Easy!”

Overall: I am amazed at the amount of things I’m able to do with this software, including generating reports customized to what I need to know on-site!
Pros: I love that all orders from any company can be placed from this one software application! I can also keep up with budgeting for our property, and ensure invoices are paid as well. It’s everything you need wrapped into one place!

Haley W., Property Manager
Overall Rating 5/5

“Nexus Payables Leads Automated AP”

Pros: Nexus is an industry leading in automated accounts payable. Since implementing this platform we have improved our processes, delivered efficiencies, and decreased our processing time for invoices. The workflow-based routing on invoices enables us to easily and quickly distribute invoices to the appropriate coders and approves regardless of their physical location and has completely eliminated the “paper shuffle” and given us 100% accountability for invoices from the date of receipt to the date of payment.

Diane C., EVP
Overall Rating 5/5

“Greatly Increased Payables Efficiency”

Pros: Greatly streamlined our AP process. I went from working 60-70 hour weeks to 40. Also improved internal controls.

Nick C., AP Assistant
Overall Rating 5/5

“Great Product”

Overall: We have been using NexusPayables for almost 2 years now. We process over 10,000 invoices a month and have become 100% paperless in regards to processing invoices. Nexus allows our teams to be transparent and accountable for coding/approving invoices. We look forward to continuously enhancing how we process invoices with additional workflows and custom fields to meet our needs.

Jesse E.
Overall Rating 5/5

“Nexus is the Best”

Overall: They have the best customer service. The Application is easy to use so as you add more staffing the training for the system takes no time at all. The are very good at making enhancements that help their customer’s business. We are vey happy with Nexus and have been using Nexus for over 6 years now.

Chris M., VP, Operations Accounting
Overall Rating 5/5

“The Most Advanced Yet Simplistic Software Out There”

Pros: EVERYTHING! This software has all the bells and whistles while remaining so easy to navigate, input, and audit accounts. It cuts processing time in half and is so refreshing to use opposed to any other software out there!
Overall: THE BEST OF THE BEST. This software makes my job so much easier by locating its data points in convenient locations, making easy reports, organizing vendors, and being able to audit the payment history trail. All of my work has become so consistent and its because of the ease of use that Nexus has created.

Anonymous, Tenant Coordinator
Overall Rating 5/5

“Makes Payment and Communication 100x Easier”

What do you like best? The ease of scanning invoices in, they go right from my scanner into Nexus. No need to save, or upload anywhere. Also, as soon as my maintenance team needs something, it’s put in and I can approve before they even have the chance to step foot in my office.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? It’s great to have the ability for us onsite to input what we need and our corporate office can see the same thing and make the payments all from the same system.

Hali H., Financial Manager
Overall Rating 5/5

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